Monday, August 17, 2015

Just don't lie to me

I can take a lot.

The thought that people lie.

That is a hard one.

Sure, you will say.  Everyone lies.

True, I guess.  but there are lies, and there are Lies.

It is hard when someone claims to lie to spare my feelings.  Or to spare their's.

It was hard the first time I realized my children could lie to me.

It was hard to acknowledge that I lie.

To myself.

To others.

To make a story better.

To make a conversation less painful.

But I have a spidey sense about lying

I sense that things don't add up.  Or the time line is wrong.  Or someone is trying too hard.  Or looking uncomfortable.

I don't want to ask in those situations.

Is this true?

Are you lying to me?

Are you lying to yourself?

I heard something many years ago that has stuck with me.

There is your truth.  There is my truth.  And there is God's truth.

Sometimes it isn't about lying.  Sometimes it is about seeing a situation from a different perspective.  A personal perspective.  An uncomfortable perspective.

Would I want to live in a world where everyone told their truth all the time?


I am too sensitive and melancholic for that.

But if I ask you for the truth?

Respect me enough to know that I am wanting the truth.  And it is ok to tell me that it is none of my business, or that you don't want to tell me the truth.

I can live with that.

Just don't lie to me.

Deep down, I know.

Deep down.  I am keeping count.

Deep down.  I can't forget a lie.

Deep down I am afraid it can't be forgiven.


  1. ...snap!!
    Your post resonates perfectly with where I find myself lately ... my adored teenagers highlight for dramatic effect or downplay by omission. .. My spidey senses scream ... But it is their truth... I'm struggling with what it says about their respect for me.
    So yes... Me too.
    As a dear friend of mine always said ," hit me and kick me but don't shit me".

    1. snap indeed. Your comment ' about struggling with whatit says about their respect for me' truly resonates.
      Your friends words are too true.

      Hang in there, Wendy, we will get through this.

  2. I'm definitely good at lying to myself, other people? Let's say I'd be a hopeless poker player!

    1. a good trait I think (unless you are trying to be a poker player!)


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