Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Thank God for family,friends,swimming and errands

Day Eleven:

I tried to spend the day in bed - but a phone call roused me just before noon.

I talked to my eldest sister.

Donated three boxes of  'things' to charity.

I ate breakfast.

I did dishes.

I made kefir.

I re-filled the hummingbird feeder.

I washed sheets.

Swept the floor.

Gathered up cardboard recycling for tomorrow's garbage day.

Exchanged difficult words.

Received a loving text from another sister.

I got dressed.

I talked to my neighbour.

Went swimming.

Received a virtual hug from a dear friend.

Held on tight to my dear husband.

Admired the beautiful pink clouds in the blue, blue sky.

Returned things to where they belonged.

Recycled batteries and light bulbs.

Bought groceries.

Ate dinner.


And wept.

So much weeping.

Another day down.

They will get easier.



  1. Yes ... For sure...
    Just keep swimming...

  2. You did a lot today. Being busy helps the days pass. They will pass and hopefully there will be less weeping but let the weeping be. Let yourself just be for now.


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