Sunday, August 21, 2016

Yopping in Croatia - August 21

Whew, I do have a couple of things to add to this week.

I made a little progress on my C2C

which will end up a doll blanket because I am learning this with some left over DK weight yarn.


I started my husband's socks yesterday.... no easy feat (pun intended) when you are knitting in 30 degree celcius temperatures.

other than that I have:

- had dinner with my hundred year old aunt

- took train to New York City from New Jersey

- visited Times Square at night

- visited the 9/11 memorial at ground zero in New York City

- walked to Battery Park to see the Statue of Liberty

- took the train to JFK airport

- flew to Oslo

- paid a ridiculous amount of money for dinner in Oslo

- Flew to Split, Croatia

- hugged my daughter tight, and my new son-in-law too

- swam in the Adriatic Sea

- ate Croatian bar-b-que

- swam in the Adriatic Sea

- walked around the Dioclatian Palace that Split resides in

- swam in the Adiatic Sea

- ate Octopus for the first time - and it was breakfast! (Although it was 3:30 in the afternoon).

That was my week. Yours?


  1. You are braver than me! I contemplated eating octopus this past spring when it was on the table, but I just couldn't get past the idea of chewing the little head and the stringy tentacles. I let someone else who loves them enjoy them. :) Your trip sounds terrific, and you look wonderful in that picture!

  2. It wasn't as exciting as yours!!!

  3. Sounds like you are having a great time!!!!!!!

  4. Sounds like you've been having fun. I don't know that I could eat octopus....I mean, I have probably tried it and not known it but I don't know. Then again, I've acquired a taste for raw oysters since living in San, maybe?

  5. Oh no, I could not eat that.... you are a brave soul. Wow, you really have been travelling! It must be great. Great work on the c2c. I have made a few for project linus. Now I'm curious about making the graphed ones that make a picture but I'm too into knitting right now. Loved the pun and the beginning of the socks.

  6. Wow what a week! The socks look great already and octopus for breakfast sounds lovely!!

  7. I've had calamari but is that squid or octopus? I can't remember. So, do you live in Croatia or are you visiting and who is Split? Your SIL? Sounds like you had an awesome month! I love C2C and want to start another one! I was knitting one day in the heat and the yarn started felting itself from my sweaty, hot hands! LOL! Be careful! Have more fun!

    1. lol. Split is the city nearby - most of it resides inside the walls of the ancient diocletian palace.

  8. Wow you have had a jam packed week! Not sure I fancy the idea of octopus much though! :-)

  9. Such a busy week :))) looking forward to seeing your finished blanket. I think you are brave to try octopus not sure I could xxx

  10. Calimari (squid) is fabulous but it has to be cooked 'just right' or it goes tough. I'm also partial to a bit of pickled baby octopus. Good for you for having such a great adventure. Wow! I am very impressed. xx

  11. Oh wow what an exciting week. And it must have been so lovely to meet up with your family. Scandinavian countries are VERY expensive.


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