Sunday, August 6, 2017

Yopping Update Numero six

So the socks are done.

and the unicorn is all sewn together.

I finished the 15th square of the Iona and for a brief moment in time I had nothing on my needles!

Ack!  That wouldn't do so I started another stuffed toy.  A bunny that was in the spring Simply Knitting insert called Quick and Easy Toy Knits.

It is the perfect pattern to use up some brown alpaca I have for the body and I have some white cascade for the tummy and inside of the ears and paws.  It is going to be very cute.

I can't post a picture of it because at this point I have a head and body, two arms, the tail and one leg. So be patient dear readers as I am sure he/she will be on show next week

The big news of my week is that a dear dear friend of mine gifted me with 1625 gms of fibre!!!! Yes, that is correct.  Some is in the fleece stages, some is undyed fibre and some is dyed fibre.  There is even some silk hankies or mawatas (which I had to google).  Oh my goodness I was so excited that I decided to organize my craft room so I could find places for all of it.

Organizing my craft room somehow led me to cleaning out the carport and taking two loads to the recycling depot and one load to the dump.  Only one item from the craft room was in those three loads - but it seemed that the de-cluttering on the one room got me going to others.  I have another large box ready to send to goodwill as well.

Yesterday I finally dismantled a broken double bed that has been half dismantled for quite some long time, and I set up the good double bed and re-arranged the downstairs bedroom into quite a lovely
guest room space.

Now the carport has a broken bed, broken bedside table and other assorted bits and pieces to go out with the next dump run.  I even organized all my gardening tools and swept the carport!

As my husband would say:  "I think your new meds are working!"

Yesterday I started to wash some alpaca fleece for another friend who is going to pay me in something yummy from her copious yarn stash.  I can't wait to go 'shopping' at her house.  I already received two partial skeins of Plucky yarn from her that were leftovers from two of her latest projects. I think there is enough to make another pair of socks from the Op-Art book.

I bought a sweater drying rack on Friday at Bed, Bath and Beyond which will be perfect for drying fleeces as it will allow airflow from the bottom and the top.  The alpaca will get the first go at it.

On Thursday at my knit group I learned that some wool stores rent out their drum carders.  This is fantastic news because I have soooooooo much fleece to card and hand carding it would take be forever.  I will keep you posted on my investigation into this possibility.

So that has been my week.  The smoke is pretty bad here on the westcoast and my dh and I both seem to be experiencing headaches from it but at least today the temperatures were much cooler.

If you want to check out what the other wonderful yoppers have done in the past week head here.


  1. Ooooooooh a unicorn! And a lovely one! I love your socks, they're gorgeous.

    1. Yes, he is my pride unicorn as it is the Pride Parade in Vancouver this weekend.

  2. How pretty are those socks and that unicorn is just darling! It sounds like you've had a busy week and a clear out and tidy up is often a great thing.

  3. I admire your patience with making little critters. I always botch them up when I sew them together. Sounds like you have some lovely stash enhancement. Congrats on all that cleaning out. Feels good, huh. I have famiky in Washington State and they said the smoke is horrible there too.

  4. I -so- admire your toys animals! I don't have the patience for them and always manage to screw them up!

    As for matawas, I -love- spinning with them, especially on a drop spindle. And unlike a lot of other silk fibers, the Matawas aren't hard to work with. :)

  5. Sounds like a very productive week, and you appear to be much happier too :-)

  6. What a darling little unicorn - and those socks of yours are amazing. Love the idea of you being able to 'shop' in your friend's stash. Sounds like it will be fun.

  7. WOW...Nothing on the needles!!!! You HAVE been busy.
    All power to you, lovely lady.

  8. I want some of those meds if it would help me clean out my 'stuff' like that! LOL! Wow! You are a woman on a mission! And all that knitting progress and completions too. The socks are beautiful and the unicorn is so cute. So happy for your fiber acquisition and the ability to rent a drum carder! The stars are definitely aligned for you this week and beyond! You go girl!

  9. Yep can I have what you're having. Sounds like you didn't stop all week! Well done you :)

  10. Good heavens - everyone has been so busy, and you are no exception!! I love the unicorn and the socks are simply splendid.

  11. That unicorn is so cute! And I love the socks. That is a nice gift your friend gave you!

  12. Congratulations on your finished projects AND on your amazingly productive week. Well done!
    Be careful not to overdo things if your body isn't used to so much new activity at once (but if you are a swimmer, I expect you to be reasonably fit).
    How wonderful for you to be able to get so much done - I'm envious.
    I hope you will be able to hire the drum carder and maybe other larger tools. There are people in my town trying to set up a maker space for people who don't have room or can't afford to buy expensive tools - a bit like a tool library combined with a community workshed. It would be good to have that level of resources to aid one's hobby and learn new skills.

  13. P.S. Your socks look amazing and my thoughts are with you and those who are battling summer bushfires (do you call them "forest fires" over there? I remember a cartoon from my childhood called "Smokey the Bear" who wore a uniform like a Canadian Mountie and he would sternly command "Don't Light Forest Fires" so we Aussie youngsters would always mimic the Canadian accent when making that statement! How peculiar!

  14. I love seeing the socks together. They are so fun and creative and beautiful! And the silk hankies - I had to google a video to understand what you do with them. I'm now fascinated! They look amazing.

  15. I love the unicorn and the socks are simply splendid.

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