Sunday, February 4, 2018

Update 32 - Lost and broken things

For the past twenty four hours I have been trying to remember who I gave a peace cowl to, or if I didn't give it to someone where is it?  It started with another cowl I made a couple of years ago. 

It was a lovely black and white brioche cowl I made with some yarn that was called border collie.  I made the cowl in remembrance of my dear border collie who was my companion for 16 years. 

The thing with the cowl was if I snagged it on something a long long piece of yarn would be pulled out and for the life of me I couldn't figure how to work it back it. 

So a few days ago I decided to frog it and knit a different cowl so I could wear it more often. (The errant loops made me crazy, plus I was never happy with the join of the cowl. 

I searched on Ravelry for an appropriate cowl pattern, and then decided to make the Peace Project Cowl from 2016.  I had made four of them and I love the pattern.  Here is my progress so far:

Well, that took me down a rabbit hole because I know I had given away three of the cowls as presents and I always add the recipient's name to my ravelry project page - but for some reason this cowl didn't have a name.

Did I keep it? 

So I have been searching my house, and wracking my brain - and I even dreamt about the cowl last night but still I have no idea where or who it went to. 

Why does it matter? 
It doesn't.  At least not to a normal person, but for me this kind of thing can send me into a loop for a number of days until the mystery is solved. 


Enough of that.

This week I have been working on my test knit socks - I am up to the heel turn, and a little on my scrappy bias shawl - but it doesn't look that different from last week. 

I did mend a knitted blanket my aunt made at least 30 years ago - It is almost as good as new. 

I have been spinning some very lanolin rich yarn. It is Fresian wool from a homestead my son lived on in the Yukon. It is so full of lanolin that it sticks as it is pulled onto the spool so I am going to rewash the fleece with soap and hot water to try to reduce the lanolin. 

Here is some carding progress:

and here is some spun. I am becoming happier with the thickness of my spinning.  It needs to be thick and over spun for the sweater jacket I want to knit. 

and another plus to this wool - my hands are very soft!

I am up to the neckline on side one of my cotton tee. Should be ready to start side two by the start of the Super Bowl today. 

I cast on Oceans of Time -another Knitterarium delight. 

I have been working hard on my Croatian language lessons, and we have been getting the camper ready for our long trip south.  I have to get away from this rain!   Hopefully next week's update will be from on the road.  I am taking my drop spindle,

 and my wips

and of course I am hoping to find some fantastic yarn shops on my travels.  Maybe even one that will let me borrow their spinning wheel for an afternoon.  (So I better pack some fibre).

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And, of ya, if you know where the missing cowl is I would appreciate the info. 


  1. Sorry Mary Ann......I don't have your cowl.

    I really like the oceans of time shawl. The colors you choose are beautiful for it.

    No rain here in the southwest! We need it but doesn't seem we will be getting any for a while. Have a safe journey.

  2. You are making me tired just thinking about all your projects. Now do not let the mystery of the missing cowl wipe the smile off your face. You sound so happy it makes me happy too.

  3. I know how you feel about that mysterious cowl. Things like that drive me nuts too. Looking forward to getting updates while you're away. Have a good trip.

  4. Oh, I am so glad to read of another person racking their brain over something gone lost. I've been wondering for weeks were 5 skeins of a particular purple yarn have all disappeared to. It's maddening.

    I love the pictures of your carding and spinning. It looks like lovely fiber you've got there.

    Enjoy your travels! I've been longing for a road trip, but can't convince hubby. I may just have to strike out on my own one of these days. Looking forward to hearing from you on the road.

  5. You are WIP crackin' away in this post. I love your auntie's blanket. I can get like that also, trying to figure out something. One time, I had brought a beanie WIP to a SF Giants game. The yarn was a beautiful mix of camel and cashmere. I thought I had lost it. I swear I looked for it in every nook and cranny of our SF apt. I looked in all of the project bags I could find and still no luck. Then when I was packing for our move, I found it which totally baffled me b/c I swear I looked there many times before.

  6. I knit an blanket much like your aunt's, but I knit it from darning yarn samples I was given and I knit it on the finest needles I could find. It barely covered my hand. It's for my daughter's dollhouse. But it's that same wave pattern and almost the same colours, brown and rust and gold.


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