Sunday, February 11, 2018

Update 33 - mystery revealed

The test knit is now live.  This is a wonderful shawl called Midnight Sunset - so warm and cuddly.  Thank you to Ruth for such a wonderful design.

I should have worn a nicer shirt underneath, but I want to show you how the stripes would line up in the front.

I gave this to an elderly soul who needs to feel warm and cozy when she goes out in her wheel chair.  I will definitely knit another one for me in the near future.

I have finished the first sock for Ruth's other test knit and I am taking the second sock on the road with me.  I think it will go live sometime the end of February.

Also with me on my travels is my peace cowl, my cotton tee and some spinning.

My sister gave me this fantastic yarn - It is in the colourway Libra (which I am) and she bought one in Aquarius (which she is).  We are going to do a KAL together - Wingspan which we have both knit before and LOVE.  So that is coming too.

I finished my scappy bias shawl during the SuperBowl (yay Eagles) and I LOVE it!

 Here is my scrap basket before and after pictures so I think I did quite well.

And still no clue as to what I did with that cowl....I will have to leave this mystery unsolved for the time being. 

We are leaving today on our two month camping trip so next week I will be updating from the road.  


  1. Wow, those before and after photos of your scrap basket are very telling! Well done! Have a great camping trip. Looking forward to photos from the road :)

  2. Great job and the shawl and so kind of you to give it travels! Can;t wait to read some posts from the road...

  3. Wow your scrappy bias shawl lived up to its name! Great way to use up that yarn, and your shawl looks great! The Midnight Sunset shawl is pretty. And it looks cozy. What a nice gift. :) Safe travels, Mary-Anne!

  4. That shawl is lovely. Safe travels.

  5. Such beautiful colours in these creations. But I do think “scrappy bias” is something of a misnomer. It’s gorgeous.
    At last you are on the road again. I look forward to pics as you take me on a vicarious adventure. Be safe. Sing a lot as you travel. Breathe deeply. You deserve such happiness. Xx

  6. Your Midnight Sunset is stunning. I love the fact it is a generous size. I am sure the recipient is thrilled to have it too.

    Thr libra colorway is so pretty. The shawl is going to be splendid.

    Your scrap yarn basket looks a bit anemic lol. But the bias shawl is fsntastic. The way all the colors play with each other is great.

  7. Ruth's shawl is huge but lovely! I've had the wingspan shawl in my favs for several years now. Love the before and after really utilized your yarn and it is one awesome shawl!
    Winter camping? How cool! Where do go? Pictures please! Also, I really like your colors in Midnight Sunset that you chose. Have a great trip!

  8. Hope you are having a fabulous trip. Your shawl is wonderful, well done you and Ruth for a brilliant knit, I'm sure it will be well appreciated.


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