Sunday, October 7, 2018

Yopping Update #14 - Wish Accomplished

Yes!  Bonnie's Wish is off the needles!!

and look how accurate my yarn usage was:

60 inches left over.  Yarn chicken FTW!

I still need to block this, and sew in the ends but SHE IS DONE!

I got a few more inches on my dear husband's sock.

And I picked up my Scottish Hap, Houlland, and have finished 8 of the 63 points I need before I pick up ALL those stitches and begin the body. 

I will be 63 in 10 days so I am taking it as a sign that I need 63 points for the border - I am aiming to have them done before my birthday. 

We had our first snowfall while I was working 120 kms north of my house.  Luckily it didn't stick before I had to drive home (and yes, the snow tires are going on next week before I drive up to work again)

There was a big enough dump of snow that the students could make snowmen at lunch time, but by 2pm all that was left was a few patches of snow and five or six snowmen like this one sitting on the green grass!

I had a few low days this week and yesterday I was having none of it.  I decided to walk to my twelve step meeting in the morning because the sun was out and it was glorious.  The walk, the meeting, and the walk home definitely helped my mood. 

Then my dear friend and I met for sushi lunch and afterwards headed to the pool to play in the river current, sauna, steam, hottub and talk and talk.  It was perfect and my mood has improved dramatically. 

She had to buy a bathing suit for our spa afternoon and she gave me this cute bag that her new suit came in:

I do feel good half naked (and all naked for that matter), but half naked and in the pool is always a win for me. 

It is Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend and for the first time in probably 41 years it is just my dear husband and me for dinner.  We have a little tiny turkey and we will make all the fixings. 

I am thankful for my family, friends, health and of course knitting.   And swimming.  What would I do without those two lifelines. 

To follow other yoppers you can check out their updates here.  I am off to brine the turkey and make some stuffing.  And yes, there will be knitting.

Have a great week everyone.


  1. Well done on the projects and mood enhancing sessions! Someday I will brine a bird. I need more socks as I gave the heel and toe extra heavy duty yet gorgeous pair to my niece who just relocated to Haida Gwaii. Maybe when you return from the family reunion trip? I can bribe with home-made goodies again and a coffee!

  2. The shawl is so pretty. That is truly yarn chicken.

    So glad you were able to adjust your mood. Good job!

    Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy the food and knitting.

  3. Lovely projects as always. I'm glad you moved past feeling down. Hope you've had a lovely Thanksgiving weekend.

  4. Whoa! That was a really close game of yarn chicken. So glad you won! I love your cornucopia graphic. You look so cute popping out of it. :) I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner. And a lovely week ahead.

  5. The shawl looks great, when it is blocked will we see a photo of it on? I love the international feel today, you have snow, another blog I read said it was a cooler 94F! and here in the Highlands it is definitely autumn wind, rain and leaves falling.

  6. Snoooow? Seriously? Wow! I love your shawl, very pretty!

  7. Bonnies Wish is gorgeous, even unblocked you can see it and that sure was some great and mighty exact estimation of yardage required lol. I'm glad the meeting, walk and meeting with your friend help the mood and I hope you and your husband had a lovely Thanksgiving.

  8. Eek! Did you knit faster towards the end to squeak the shawl out of the remaining yarn? That’s a really close call!

    Cute little bathing suit bag!

  9. How wonderful to have some spa time with a bestie. Good for you.


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