Sunday, September 30, 2018

Yopping Update #13 - Retail Therapy

It has been a whole week of Bonnie's Wish.  The border is a wide one and I realized after finishing the first of four balls of yarn I have left that I wasn't going to make it.  Ack! 

So thank goodness for my uber math skills.  I figured out that for every 40 rows I need to pick up 25 stitches and not 20.  So every fourth stitch I pick up two stitches instead of one.  I have finished the second ball and it looks fine - no one will ever know my fudge.

(Well, you readers will because I have just confessed all here!)

Knit City was yesterday and I went with the intention of just looking - hahahahahaha

I started out slow - just buying a few buttons.  And of course I had to buy hemp, like I do every year, because I always make a few doubleknit zodiac potholders/kitchen cloths. 

Then I saw the wooden sock blockers.  I have three pairs of sock blockers that my Grandfather made for my Grandmother - but they are for giant men's feet!  I have always wanted a pair for my socks so I bought them.  I love the etching on the back.

I can so picture myself knitting on that bench with the fall leaves tumbling around me.

The same booth (Burning Impressions) had this handy dandy sock measurer thingey for when you are making socks for someone who isn't close by to try on the said socks as they are in progress.  So ya, I treated myself to that because the one I have been using is one I made out of cardboard.

Look at the cute etching on the other side.

On the way out of KnitCity my friend wanted to stop at one last booth.  Ancient Arts is my favourite yarn company.  As I was waiting for her I spotted a sale basket 30-50% off. 

I dug through and found the last skein that was 50% off.  How could I say no?  150 grams, 525 meters - enough for a shawl of some sort I think.  Or a couple of pairs of socks.  I think it was on sale because it was a mistake colourway - it was suppose to be just red and white - but then that one end was dipped in blue.  I am calling it Oh Canada (red and white like our flag) and blue for the sea to sea to sea of my dear country. 

Or it could be a shout out to my American friends. 

Either way I am very happy. 

On the life front I have had a low week.  One of my children is struggling right now and I am trying to hold them in the light from afar.  Being a parent of grown up children is not for the faint of heart I always say. 

 I went to my 12 step meeting yesterday and it stirred up some emotions.  Today I had a good talk with my dh, and many tears flowed.   I still feel low, but I think there is some momentum for things to shift.  Plus I get to hang out with my honourary grand-daughters tomorrow and that always makes me feel great.

It is rainy today - really rainy - but I will go to the pool, or maybe the gym, and work off some of my anxiety.  It always helps - at least in the moment. 

Tomorrow I head to work - about 120 km from home - and I will listen to the audio book, Fellowship of the Ring, that I have in the car.  I take heart in the journey of those hobbits.  We are all on a perilous journey it seems.  We all have something to let go of, that doesn't want to be abandoned.  When I work there I spend the night at a lovely old ski lodge that overlooks a lake.  It is very peaceful there.

But for today, after the packing and the gym ,I will get back to Bonnie's Wish.  I am half way there - only 308 rows of 46 stitches to go (she says optimistically).

Oh, and then there are the socks for my dh's hobbity feet.  Yesterday I met the designer of this sock pattern - Kate Atherley.  I was wearing socks I had knit for myself of this same design.  She is lovely.  She said there is a special place for knitters who knit socks for the men in their life.  I hope she is right!

Blessings to all of you on whatever journey you are on.

May you find some peace.

To follow my other wonderful yoppers check out their progress here. 


  1. Wow! What nice things you found at Knit City. The sock blockers are nice (love the picture on them, too) and I can't wait to see what you make with your Oh Canada yarn. Go you! I appreciate you sharing that you've struggled this week - and how you're supporting your adult child from afar. Well put. All of it.

    I hope you have a good week ahead Mary-Anne.

  2. So happy you got some very useful things for yourself and treasures they are! I think that is so neat that you have the sock blockers from your that's a treasure for sure. It's been a rough week for many...I've been watching our political scene here in the U.S. and it's pretty dire. I know what you mean about adult offspring....I finally told them that they get to chose but if their values stray too far from mine then just like anyone...I will have to disassociate myself...I have too many chronic issues to tolerate their issues too. It may sound cold but as adults I ask myself would I 'hang' with them if they weren't related? I don't put much emphasis on blood relations....I have a magnet on my frig that states "Who are these children and why are they calling me Mom"? I'm so happy you are going to that sounds like heaven! Love the Oh Canada theme too! Bonnie's Wish is lovely and good for you to figure out a way around the problem. I hope you have a great week and don't get me wrong...I love my children but as a good friend of mine said about me...I don't suffer fools. LOL!

  3. Well I think you got some very useful things at Knit City so no reasons for guilt. Your knitting skills always amaze me. I'm sorry you're having a hard time. It's not easy when our loved ones are far away. Good choice of audio book.

  4. You did get some treasures at Knit City and it sounds like a little Retail Therapy was just what the doctor ordered! And we'll never tell on the Bonnie's Wish confession. :)

  5. I like your sock blockers. I've been wanting some with air holes in them so the socks dry faster. Your sock ruler is interesting. I like mine which was designed by a Bay Area Knitter but I wish sometimes it measured out to the nearest 1/16".

  6. 50% off sock yarn is a tremendous deal - not to be passed up! KnitCity sounds like so much fun!

    I hope things look brighter soon.

  7. Ooooh - thanks for sharing the different sock paraphernalia! I do not have sock blockers (yet) and luckily, no show in sight where I could be tempted to buy these things. But my birthday is still coming this year!

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