Sunday, November 4, 2018

Yopping Update #18 - Lotsa Progress, No Pics

The Houlland is finished, but not blocked so pictures will come sometime in the future. 

The present that shall not be named or seen here until after Christmas is coming along very well and I would say at this point is about 40 percent complete.

Mostly this past week (besides working away for two days) I have been cleaning out cupboards and re-lining shelves and I am impressed with myself for doing it and the finished product.  I am on the last (and hardest) cupboard but will finish it on Wednesday when I get home. 

I have decided that I will not be turning the three baby doll fleeces I have into usable fibre, and the three bags just sit there in my closet and mock me - so they are being given away. I have kept enough to make a fairisle toque.

We took three bags of clothes to goodwill today, and five items to the re-furbish/re-use-it store.  Earlier this week we took a big old printer to the recycling center as well as two boxes of used and partial paint cans.  As I cleaned cupboards I put things I never use and never want to use in boxes and they went to goodwill as well.  I have a few trinkets for my honourary grand-daughters that I will give them tomorrow. 

Ah, it feels good to de-clutter. 

And, the kitchen is so tidy I even feel like cooking which is usually my dh's job. 

So now I have time to blog, and knit, and adjust to the time change that happened this weekend.  Ugh. It is so dark out now at only 5pm! 

I student of mine has come up with a journaling journey and has given 31 topics that revolve around the idea of '31 Days of Self Love'. 

There are 31 days before I go to see my daughter so it seemed like destiny is asking me to do some  writing (and not just fretting about what to pack, and are all my ducks in a row for the seven week trip).

Stay tuned - some of the writing may just end up posted here on my blog. 

To follow other bloggers you can see their progress here

Well, maybe just one pic:

This was our Hallowe'en door ready for the 30+ trick or treaters that visited us last Wednesday.


  1. Wow! You've been busy and productive. I can just imagine how good it feels to move stuff out. I look forward to whatever you share on your 31 Days of Self Love. :)

  2. Decluttering is so freeing, isn't it? Now you have all the crafting time. How splendid. You decorations are so cute for Halloween.

  3. Decluttering is great, I'm glad you were able to make time for it. I love your halloween decorations.

  4. I love de-cluttering... makes me feel less burdened. Now if I could just manage to avoid clutter going forward ;-/

    I’ve never understood where people find the energy to process fleeces - no thanks! So much nice yarn at the LYS waiting for me instead.

  5. Wow, lots of decluttering! And I love your Halloween pic - Trick or Treat is nearly non existent where I live in Germany, we used to do it as kids for carnival. We had to sing special songs to people at their doors and would get candy as a reward. And it was just about being dressed up, not about the scary things.

  6. I was just thinking about my kitchen cupboards today but they will have to wait until I am done with the general decluttering.
    Your front door is so cute for Halloween....lucky you with Trick or Treaters.....I had none because it was pouring rain all day. So glad there are other venues for them to do in bad weather.
    Looks like there's bunch of us doing the NaBloPoMo but I have to put you on my sidebar...where have I been? LaLaLand for sure! a 7 week trip? That's a long like to stay put. Have fun!

  7. Isn't it wonderful how a declutter makes you feel so great, not just in the room and place that was decluttered but also in your own mind. It's been a busy but pleasing week for you Sam and the 31 day challenge sounds like it's just come along at the right time for you! Enjoy.

  8. Well done on the decluttering. the writing challenge sounds like a good idea.

  9. I’ve also done some decluttering this week and also doing Christmas knitting, it must be that time of year. I look forward to seeing your other writing

  10. "Ah, it feels good to de-clutter." = So true. I cleaned out my closet for an October, charity pick up and even donated my wedding dress. It felt good.


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