Sunday, November 25, 2018

Yopping Update #21 - Sewing things up

So I finally finished sewing together the onesie that I finished knitting back in August.  This included having to sew in a zipper.  It only took two tries!

I also finished the Surprise and it too was sewn up and completed last night. 

If you are on Ravelry you can see the finished pictures of the two Surprises.  Otherwise, dear Readers you will have to wait until after Christmas!

Other things sewed up this week:

1) I finished my teaching with the West Coast Institute.

2) I finished my three days of subbing in Grade Three on Friday.

3) I led my first Twelve Step Meeting as it was six months since I started attending the meetings.

We are continuing to de-clutter the basement - tomorrow we will make another dump run, and the installer has given us Tuesday as the day our bathroom will be done and the toilet will be back where it belongs (and out of the bathtub).

Tomorrow I head to the last session of mentoring 120 km from home and will be back on Tuesday (and I WILL have a bath in my new bathroom!)

Then we have exactly one week to get everything done that needs to be done before we leave to visit our daughter and await the arrival of our grandchild.

Oh my, it will be a busy week.

(And I have to go to the dentist - ugh, but also get my hair cut - yay)

On my needles I have a pair of socks for my dear husband, and one zodiac potholder.  I imagine that they will become my airplane knitting.

And of course I have to take some projects to knit for the seven weeks I am away.  I am thinking to take some little kits from my Simply Knitting magazine.

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  1. What a cool magazine that gives you kits! They're so cute plus those are great projects to take with you. You have so much to look forward to! Enjoy every minute of it!

  2. What a busy week - full of good things. I took a peek at your Ravelry pages and saw the beautiful surprise. :)

  3. Oh, zodiac potholder? Sounds interesting! Can't wait for you to show those!

  4. What an exciting week? Apart from the dentist!

  5. It sounds like another busy week is in store for you Mary-Anne and I'm sure you've very excited about your trip¬

  6. How productive you are. You are checking stuff off left and right. Safe travels to you. Cute kits.

  7. You have a busy time before you leave. At least your bathroom will be completed! Congrats on the 6 month chip. What a great accomplishment. I am heading to Ravelry to see those surprise gifts now.

  8. Oh goodness you have such a lot going on. I hope the work all gets completed as planned and your cases get packed. It's going to be a wonderful trip!

  9. That's the perfect use for those kits. I can't believe how busy you have been while I've been otherwise indisposed. I don't think I could cope with so much going on at once with such a tight schedule. You're amazing.


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