Sunday, June 9, 2019

Yopping Update #49 - 1000 stitches and counting!

I worked on putting my squares together and I am very happy with the result.  I used mattress stitch to put the sides of the squares together in strips and then used slip stitch crochet to put the strips together picking up the cast on and cast off edges.

Next the border decisions.  The pattern called for knitting each side of the border separately but I opted to pick up all the stitches and work the border as one!   I picked up 39 stitches on each side of each square - that was easy for the cast on/cast off edges, but I had to do the math to equally space 39 stitches over 58-60 rows.  I luckily have a 100cm circular needle which can hold all my stitches.  At the beginning and end of each row I do an increase so the corners end up mitered.

I did the math to figure out if I had enough stash to do the border.  I knit a 20 x 20 garter stitch swatch and then weighed it.  4 gms.  I frogged the swatch and measured the yardage. 8 yds.  Then I calculated how many stitches in each colour of the border.  It came out I had enough of one colour, but I really wanted some orange to pop the border.  I went to Michaels and as I walked towards the bins of Loops and Thread DK there was the colour I wanted.  Easy peasy.  And with my 40% off coupon it only cost my 4.99!  I wanted to finish the border with dark blue, but didn't have enough in my stash.  I took the blanket to my quilting friend, and lo and behold she had the perfect colour blue in her stash.  That is where I am today - I will do the last 3 rows in the dark blue and then it is done.
I currently have 1000 stitches on the needle.  Good mindless knitting as I binge watch the new season of Killing Eve.

I have been weaving ends in as I go, so once I cast off and sew up the one mitered edge it will all be finito!

So that was my week. No work on Fisherwoman's sweater, but she will be on deck as soon as this blanket is off the needles.

I have physio tomorrow and the dentist so I imagine tomorrow evening I will be grumpy and sore.

I am working on my list of projects for next year.  I think that it will be pretty free form except for my advent knits.  I also am committing myself to getting my novel published one way or another in the coming year - so that will be at the top of my list too.  I know it isn't crafty related, but it is creative, and it definitely is a project!

Exercise wise I got to the pool only once this week (feeling sorry for myself), but I got in two walks, and I tried a Zumba class yesterday.  It wasn't a real Zumba class as I thought it would be, but it was a class called Strong by Zumba which was like a pilates/aerobics/boxing class.  I did what I could while protecting my arm.  There were a lot of squats so I expect my legs will be uber sore tomorrow.

So that's it for me - except of course the ubiquitous picture of my grand-daughter - sleeping like a baby!  I wish I could sleep like that, but with my sore arm a full night's sleep is still impossible.

To follow other yoppers as we count down the end of Year of Projects 8 check out their blogs here. 


  1. All sewn together the blanket is looking great, I can’t believe how many stitches you’ve squeezed on your circular needle. We just watched episode 1 of the new Killing Eve season and I realised I wasn’t managing to knit during it, so we are holding off bingeing on it until my raglan increase section is done on new sweater. Your project seems perfect to knit and watch.

  2. Ooohhh the blanket is wonderful. Great choice of border colors. So smart to do the ends as you go. Sounds like your arm is a bit better. At least I hope it is. That baby girl is so darn cute. Very precious.

  3. To be honest, you could probably just post a picture of your grand daughter and we would be happy! The rest is nice too! I love how your squares are looking, they have come together beautifully.

  4. Wow, 1000 stitches on one circular needle -- that has to be a record. :) The blanket is really lovely. Hope your sore arm feels much better this week.

  5. Ohhh look at that blanket Mary-Anne, it's going to be a finished object next week for sure! 1000 stitches, makes the mind boggle at getting a row done but as you say, mindless tv knitting for sure.
    Hope the physio is goes ok and isn't too painful and publishing a book is absolutely creative! It's not everyone who publishes one or even puts one together!

  6. I always think it is amazing how it all comes together and the borders really make it gorgeous! good luck with your physio and the dentist. thanks for the picture of your grand beautiful!
    Looking forward to next YOP year with you! Get that arm in shape!LOL!

  7. Your joined squares are terrific. And I know the finished blanket will be too, but I'm baffled at the idea of knitting a border. And you're mitering the corners? Can't wait to see it. Love seeing the pics of your sweet granddaughter.

    1. Yup.mitering each corner with a kfb at beginning and end of each side.

  8. That blanket is fantastic. I envy your ability to do so much without a pattern. I just hope you're not putting too much pressure on your arm. Your granddaugher is gorgeous.

  9. aaaah! Your granddaughter looks so sweet and beautiful. Lucky Nanna! It sounds like that blanket border was meant to be with all of those little parts of the picture fitting into place. Maybe it's because I crochet that I assumed one always does a border by picking up stitches. Do you normally craft a separate border to stitch onto the blanket later? Regardless, it is worth taking time to 'do the maths' to get a good result. The first time I had to do that was a bit daunting so it is good that you explained your method. Such a cute blanket and a blanket is never finished until it has a border, even if it is one row around or a fold of ribbon stitched on...

  10. Nawww Cute!
    We have yet to watch the second round of Killing Eve, but I’m looking forward to it.

  11. How great that your blanket is done. Your baby granddaughter is adorbs.


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