Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Day Three and Four

Day Three

Well, we limped the truck to Omak, Washington, about 70 km from where we camped last night. Part way a warning message finally came on our truck information console saying "Exhaust System... Regeneration Req'd Now... Exhaust Filter 100% Full"

Well, that can't be good!

The repair shop took about an hour looking into things and then came to us with "Well, I don't have good news for you"..Eek!

It seems a part has to be ordered (2 or 3 days) and they need the truck sans camper.

So they direct us to the Stampede Grounds RV site, which although it is close to the city, is grassy, with huge maple trees to shade us, and wild bunnies everywhere. It is beside a river, although not a river you would want to swim in! The city is a short walk from here, so tomorrow we will walk in and explore a bit. The area reminds me of Vernon, and the town is like Vernon was in the 70's. I saw a community pool at the outskirts of the stampede ground, and although I can't go swimming yet (cause of the cataract surgery), it would be nice to go and wade around a bit.

We chatted away the afternoon with an older couple from the Okanagon, so that helped passed the time. We have electricity and city water, so I had a nice shower in the camper. See, when you are clean everything feels better.

I made us tacos for dinner, luckily we have lots of food with us, and my Kobo is full of good reads. So, although we are delayed for a few days, it is better that it happened within 70 km of a Dodge dealer and not in Yellowstone National Park. See, Bill? Cup half full!

Day Four

Well, sleeping last night was a fail. I just couldn't get to sleep until about 1:30, but then I slept more or less until 8:30. Up to make a leisurely breakfast since we couldn't go anywhere else..... I had a lovely chat with an elderly woman and her two sons from Penticton. They were pipers! The whole family, and traveled around competing. They also restore classic cars and are Elvis fans. Too cool!

Then another camper offer to drive us into town for lunch and so Brian could phone the truck repair place. They were a nice couple from Oliver. It seems like everyone camping here is from Canada! They all come down here to shop, or gamble, or go to the stampede. The woman was recovering from a stroke and would get herself in and out of there 3500 Dodge Ram. I will never complain about that big step again!

Anyways, couldn't get hold of the repair department so left a message. They finally called back around 5pm. First part they ordered had arrived, but it turns out it wasn't the problem. Now they have to order another part that won't get here til Thursday morning. So.......tomorrow is another day in Omak. Too bad the stampede isn't until early August! There is a place across the river called suicide jump that the riders take their horses over, then splash across the river into the arena. The pitch on that hill has to be at least 60 degrees. It would be crazy to do and crazy to watch!

Mary-Anne inadvertently made friends with a native guy who ended up hanging around our campsite for a couple of hours tonight. He was a little drunk, but quite sweet, and had some good stories....So, after he left we had a good dinner of spaghetti, and then walked into town.

Omak is small! One main street really, with mostly odd little thrift shops, and taverns, and a natural food store, so I might check that out romorrow. I have finished one book, and started a ghost story. That should help me sleep better tonight, don't you think.

So, we are still here, chatting with campers, and natives, and generally bumming around wishing our truck was fixed. It rained a little today, but it is nice and warm, and we have a good fan so the camper is cool.

Ok, not much to tell. Mary-Anne and Brian, stuck in Omak.......maybe I will check out the pool tomorrow!


  1. I'm glad you made it to a town where the truck can be fixed. The camp gound sounds rather pleasant too so it's not such a hardship to be stranded for a couple of days. Forced relaxation, that's what someone up there wants for you.

  2. I can just picture the two of you settled in while you wait - you with your cup of tea and Brian with that pensive look on his face :) - hope your truck gets it's mojo back soon.


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