Sunday, July 10, 2011

Day two.....

It started well. Up early (well, early for us which is about 7:30am). Coffee and breakfast in a sunny, grassy campsite. Out by 9:30, which again, is uber early for us.
Groceries stocked up cause we were heading into the cascades. Check. Camping world to buy something frivolous for the camper. Check. Heading to Hwy 20, the slower scenic route. Check.

Stopped for nap around 2:30pm. On the road again by 3:30 pm. Check.

Driving up the long, long hill to the pass, and.......suddenly, no power in the truck. We coasted into a trail head parking turn-off, and then the truck DIED!

Eek! No cell phone reception. A group of hunky hikers, but they didn't have cell phone reception either. We tentatively restarted the truck, and it started, and then made a horrible noise (death rattle?), but it kept running, albeit with the engine malfunction light on (no kidding).

So, we heading out onto the road, heading for the nearest town 35 miles away called Winthrop. Of course no Dodge dealer there, but a very cute, western themed town. Get it Dodge? Like in , Dodge city? oh, never mind.

Ok, so by now it is 6ish, Mary-Anne has low blood sugar (watch out!), and the 1-800 number to call for assistance from Dodge is a wait time of 38-58 minutes. Nope, don't think that will work.

We head for the lake campsite and decided to pay extra so we had internet and Brian could look up the closest Dodge dealer. Fortunately it is only about 70 kms. away, and on the same route we are heading. So the plan is to head there early tomorrow morning and hope that it is an easy fix. The truck is driveable, but not alot of oomph.

So, a quick dinner of hotdogs and caesar salad to get the blood sugar up, a glass of wine (or two) for Brian, and a cup of tea for me. We are fending off the mosquitos with Muskol, and a citronella candle, and listening to many, many birds singing.

I am happily reading a harlequin romance on my Kobo, and Brian is on the internet forum checking out stuff about diesel motors.

So, Day two, barely 24hours into the adventure, and, well, we are having an adventure. I am sure it will all turn out ok......but, if you are in the good books with the guy upstairs, a good word or two in our favour wouldn't hurt.

Oh, and the mountains through the pass? Amazing!

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  1. I am jealous of your travels. When next I talk to the powers that be, I'll put in a good word for your Dodge.


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