Monday, July 18, 2011


What is it about mountains and waterfalls that engross us, capture us, draw us into a moment of awareness and awe? Is it because they have been here for millions of years before we saw them, and they will be here for millions of years after? Is it because they are so solid, and comforting? Is it because for a moment all our petty problems seem so very, very small?

The pulsing of a waterfall. It doesn't really fall at all. It stops and starts and stops and starts and stops and starts ad infinitem. It pulses with a rhythm all its own, whether I am watching it or not. Whether I am here or not. It all goes on, with or without me. Changing, eroding, flowing.....

It makes me feel so small, and so brave at the same time.

Nature. It heals me. There is a sense to it. A huge sense. Comforting.

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  1. I heard a comment once, that is hard to be an atheist in the mountains. They force us to see a force far greater than ourselves.


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