Saturday, July 16, 2011

mysterious comings and goings

Saturday July 16.....

Left Omak around 10am.....about 25 km before Spokane (4 hours later), the MIL light went on. WTF! But the console says "System ok". Well, clearly someone is lying. So we get to Spokane around 4pm....did I mention it's Saturday? Service departments aren't open on Saturday. So, we fruitlessly drive around for an hour looking for a service department and decide, oh well, let's go get some groceries, go get a camping spot and deal with this on MONDAY!

On the way to the WALMART Brian turns off the truck, goes pee (I know too much information), and then turns the truck back on. Guess what? The MIL light has now gone out, and all systems are normal. GRRRRR!

So, we decide to head further east, and are camping just past Coeur d'Alene in Idaho. Nice Lake. I had a nice swim in a very cold pool (cause you aren't allowed to swim in the Lake), and a wonderful hot tub. There were even jets on my feet!

So, now I am heading to bed with Leo (Tolstoy, that is), and tomorrow we are heading for Missoula (there is a Dodge dealer there so if we get that stupid light again we will have a Dodge dealer not too far away.) So, Roger, if you are reading this, I will say hello to Missoula for you!

Weird how we went all the way across Canada and back last year, three months on the road, and no car trouble at all. However, we are still Yellowstone bound. How bad can it be if we get stuck in Yellowstone?

AND, a bottle of the wine I like only costs 5.97 here! 5.97! I bought two! They even had some pinot grigio for 2.77 but Brian warned me not to go there. 2.77? Gotta love the USA!

The scenery is beautiful. We drove through two rain storms, and saw some dust devils beside the highway. No wildlife yet, but lots of horses and cattle. Oh, and we stopped and admired the Grand Coulee Dam. Pretty impressive!

I wonder what tomorrow will bring?

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