Tuesday, August 2, 2011


July 29, 2011

2nd night in Glacier National Park. I think we are touristed out, and have spent the last two days hanging out at the beautiful lake here. We did see a black bear last night on the side of the road. I was too excited to get a pic, but it was so cool to see him/her foraging around in the grass.

Tomorrow is our 34th wedding anniversary. I think we will take the shuttle to Logan's Pass to celebrate (our truck is too big to take the road, but the shuttle is free!).

My dear son is home from Europe. Well, by home, I mean in Canada, but that is good enough for me! My dear girl is blogging away on the east coast, and I feel so far from both of them. My eldest sister had surgery yesterday, and I spent all day trying to use phone cards, pay phones, and flaky cell service to get an update on her progress. By 4pm I was in fretful tears, but by 7 I had heard from both my niece and my younger sister to learn all is well.

I am so used to being connected via facebook, or email, or texting and not being connected has made me fretful. However, yesterday texts from both my kids - so that made me much more relieved.

I am getting lots of sun, walking, and eating well. I am reading alot! I finished Anna Karenina, and before starting War and Peace I read a trashy romance novel. I also found an odd little book called 'from intellect to intuition' by Alice Baylie who clearly was a contemporary of Steiner. She is just as difficult to read, but it is interesting.

Let's see, what else? Our truck is running well - so far so good. I think we will head to Waterton Park on Sunday - and then work our way back home. It will be odd to go home and not have Mitzi there yelling at us for being away.

I am not feeling all that philosophic, so this is just a diary entry of doings. Just wishing I could gather all my family under my wings and keep them close to me and safe. Just wishing.

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