Wednesday, August 17, 2011

perfect endings - Bliss

I spent all day Tuesday reading a book. When I say all day, I mean ALL day. I started reading as I chased the sun around the yard with my morning coffee, and finished my book about 5:30pm. Bliss.

Then we made supper, and headed down to the beach to watch the sunset. I put on my bathing suit, but wasn't really intending to go swimming. However, as soon as I got to the beach the tide was up, the sun was glowing, the seals were splashing, and I just walked right into the water and floated away. Bliss.

After my swim we sat and watched the sun almost set, and continued to watch three seals splashing. It was quiet. And beautiful. Then we headed back to the camper and started a fire. Just a simple fire. No guitar. No talking. Just burning all the random pieces of wood that were around the fire pit as the sun set and the stars came out. Bliss.

To bed. Crossword puzzle, podcast of Q. Bliss.

After we locked up the cabin this morning, we headed for the ferry with no idea when it would be leaving and how long a wait it would be. Got to the ferry slip. Ferry was just arriving. Probably the eighth car in line. Ferry loaded us. We were off. Next ferry, next sailing. We were off. Drove the lower road - no traffic, and arrived at the terminal at 2:15. We were boarded on the 3:10. Home by 6. Bliss.

All day I have been feeling good, peaceful, relaxed, happy. Bliss.


  1. It sounds like the stars were aligned in your favour. I'm glad.
    One of my best summer vacations happened when Arwen and Amanda were probably 7 and 3. I was a single mom and rented a cottage for a week with two other single moms.
    We got up and had breakfast together. Then they packed up and and went to the beach with a picnic lunch and all the kids. I stayed behind because my skin doesn't take sun bathing very well, which meant that I spent the day alone, in the shade, reading. 6 novels in 6 days. They'd be back for supper. We cooked together, put kids to bed and played Trivial Pursuit every night. It was heaven - reading, peaceful solitude and time with friends in equal balance, good food and fun with my kids.


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