Sunday, January 8, 2012

I'm hungry

No the title isn't metaphorical. I am hungry. I have been hungry all weekend. And it isn't because I am not eating, or depriving myself or anything like that. I am just hungry. And it feels good and positive. But it is odd because I haven't felt hungry for years. No, really, literally for years.

So I eat when I'm hungry. I also am trying to drink more water, but that's weird too. I have trouble swallowing when I make myself drink water. I know I am supposed to, that I feel better when I do, and perhaps hydration helps with my migraines, but often I can't actually swallow the stuff.

This is a stream of consciousness kind of entry today. I am trying to blog three times a week about body image and the like. I realize in my last blog I listed the parts of my body I like, and the parts I don't like. I didn't mention my breasts.

I was a La Leche League Leader and Lactation Consultant for 10 years. How, or why, did I miss that? Anyways, I like my breasts. I like how they look and how they feel - both to the touch, and as they move under my clothes, and against my rib-cage. My breasts fed two babies for many years. They produced milk for about 4 years. That's something,no? How could I not like something that can do that. So, yeah, for the record? I like my breasts.

I had dinner with 7 women last night ranging in ages from 37 - 62. It was a riot. We laughed. We ate great food, and drank great wine. We played bananagrams. We told outrageous stories about each other. No one mentioned diets, or how they shouldn't eat this or that. We just enjoyed: the evening, the company, the food, the wine, the warmth, the laughter. It was lovely.

There is a power in the companionship of good friends. There is a comfort in hugging someone of substance. Substance in every way. I am a woman of substance. And, I am hungry. So be it.

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  1. I would like to make it through a meal with a group of women without anyone saying she felt guilty for enjoying something on the table. I am so tired of listening to women talking about eating "bad" foods, confessing to their weaknesses rather than letting go and experiencing the pleasure.


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