Monday, January 23, 2012

Perception is reality

Funny how the stars align. Within three days of each other I heard two quotes about perception. The first was "Perceptions + selective memories = extraordinary results but not necessarily reality...", and the second was "Perception is reality". This second statement was followed up by the comment - "That's Marketing 101".

Thinking about body image and marketing over the past few weeks thanks to my daughter's blogging challenge and now thinking about perception. Is it reality or not?

Certainly the young anorexic I know perceives something different in the mirror than I do when I look at her. Her perception is reality. My perception is reality. I guess the real question is where in our two realities is the truth. Or, is it possible there is more than one truth.

Despite all the videos and articles I have read on Photo-shopping, there is still some sort of truth in the finished product. It may not be reality, but there is a truth there.

Since starting this blog challenge I am actually feeling good about my physical self, not necessarily avoiding mirrors, but not seeking them out either. Moving the mirror that was on the floor beside where I dressed and undressed every morning and night was a stroke of genius on my part.

More on my mind these days is my health - I have been plagued by migraines, sometimes 3 or 4 a week, and I am feeling fragile. My restless legs are getting worse, now working up my leg to my mid thigh. Sigh. My appointment with the neurologist isn't until May. I can't imagine coping with these visual auras and headaches until May. I did buy some good sun-glasses this past weekend, and I am hoping they help, if light glare is a source of the problem.

So, I have been looking at diets recommended for Migraines - some are quite extreme and all want me to avoid carbs, and dairy. There is the little voice in the back of my head that says "and I would probably lose weight too". Although it is weird that since Christmas, and since not worrying about my weight, I have been hungry and eating often, and yet I feel like I am losing weight. Ironic, no?

And, a closing thought about perception and reality. I remember a friend of Brian's who went through a horrible divorse many, many years ago. We went to her new apartment for dinner. She was devastated, and looked tired from lack of sleep. You know what I thought? The 27 year old me thought, well, yes, her marriage has fallen apart, but how bad can it be when she is so thin and fit? Horrible, yes? My perception? Yes. My reality? Yes. Her reality? Not so much.

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