Thursday, November 28, 2013


Well I have been working on the list, and walking everyday so both are good things. Here is my progress:

Buy new mattress and get rid of old one
Get piano tuned
Get rid of old piano
Get rid of dish set - done
Find missing piece of wood so I can get piano stool repaired (I have been looking for this piece for a year)
Repair or throw out old chair from my mother's house
Get rid of old rattan chair on back porch
Sort out son's clothes in basement room - done
Finish my brother's sweater - done
Finish my sweater - done
Finish that stupid sock I started last spring (I might just frog this and let it go)- done (frogged)
Find turkey platter to match dish set I just bought
Recover kitchen chairs
Get rid of my aunt's, grandmother's and mother-in-law's furs - done

And, on top of that I organized all my mentoring papers which were definitely getting out of hand.

So, progress, although I still am feeling kind of manic. I often feel like this right before a migraine attack. But then I realized. Maybe this is what happy feels like?

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