Friday, June 13, 2014

Friday the 13th

I am back. Just had an outdoor shower ala Mash 4077. No really. Look.

We spent two days camping with our son at Drumheller. The birds in our campsite were plentiful and amazing. We tried to identify as many as we could, but clearly we all need to take a course!

"hoodoo hoodoo" became our favourite in-joke as we discovered these amazing formations.

The Royal Tyrrell Museum is a whole day extravaganza and I am happy to report that I spent two and a half hours looking at all the dinosaur exhibits and my feet did not hurt one little bit!

The guys tried to measure up, but they were quite a few feet short.

We did discover that my son and I weigh the same as a wolf, and my husband weighs the same as a deer. None of us came close to dinosaur weight. Phew!

We finished our trip with him at the suspension bridge.

And yes, he was bouncing even though the sign said not to!

After a teary goodbye my dh and I spent the night in Banff and then drove on to Mara. We saw a young grizzly, and a young black bear. I also saw an elk. The mountains around us were spectacular.

And now we are camped in a treed meadow, the rain is falling, the wind has finished blowing, we are fed, and I am showered (see beginning of this post),
and all is well with the world.

I had a few rough days of anxiety and stomach upset and so I have upped my medication temporarily....I am not sure why this happens when I travel. I think partly it is homesickness, partly it is worry about family, partly it is being out of my comfort zone. All it takes, though, is spotting a bear, and I am back in the game.

That, and long text exchanges with my daughter. I miss her so much and there are just so many days when I wish I could hop on a plane and be right there with her.

But I can't. She is finding her way. My son is finding his way. My husband and I are finding are way.

There are marmots playing outside our camper as we get ready for the golf tournament.

Let the adventure continue!

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