Thursday, June 5, 2014

Grizzly Bears,and Dandelions

Day Four of our current adventure.
First night we spent in a Wal-Mart! I always get a kick out of doing that. It is free and there are always other intrepid travelers staking out their little piece of parking lot heaven.

Second day we arrived at Wells Gray Provincial Park. I don't quite know how I managed to live in BC all my life and not be aware of this amazing park. It has many waterfalls, wonderful campsites, and gorgeous rivers, creeks and lakes to picnic beside.

There were also some bad-ass biting bugs as the welts on my shin and face will bear witness too. Man, are they itchy!

We drove into Jasper at dusk and were treated to a couple of black bear sightings, and then this wonderful experience of watching a huge grizzly bear digging for dandelions on the side of the road. We watched it for quite a few minutes, up close and personal thanks to our binoculars. We each have a pair now, so no sharing necessary! (I hate sharing. Just sayin'! I think it has to do with being raised with five siblings....but I digress.)
It is amazing to me that such a magnificent, huge, fearsome creature can sustain itself on dandelions. I learned in Yellowstone a few years ago that they also eat large amounts of pine nuts, and in Wells Gray Park they like wild lily bulbs. Food for thought, no? (Pun intended).

So, I have a new respect for dandelions (if you saw my front lawn you would understand this understatement). I also have seen grizzlies in a new light. Nothing looks sillier than a huge menacing beast with dandelion flowers hanging out of its mouth.

It kind of puts life in perspective.

Even those we respect and revere greatly can sometimes look silly.

It doesn't mean we should stop being afraid of them.

It does mean we shouldn't let fear be all there is.

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