Saturday, May 31, 2014

Where is the happiness muse?

It is interesting that when I am happy and life is going well I have less inclination to write. My daughter says the same thing about composing songs. It seems like the writers' muse is a melancholic one.

Perhaps this is my challenge today, to find my muse in the blue sky, the singing birds, the peace in my heart.

I wrote this poem when I was 15:

Take me
Not as I could be
Not as I would be
But as I am.

Care for me
In later years
With all behind us still

And no regrets or wishful hopes
of what I wasn't then.

Mary-Anne Taylor

I have loved this poem all of my life. I recite it to myself from time to time. It has stayed with me. Become my mantra of a sort.

It has manifested in my life.

Later this summer we will have been married thirty-seven years. This past Easter weekend marked our thirty-eighth year together. We started out as friends. We are still friends.

Sitting quietly by your side
you, watching the river
me, reading a book.

The sounds of nature surround us
the promise of another day
unfolding in its own time
in our own time
in this place

Sitting by your side
you, playing guitar
me, singing
the same songs we have song
for thirty-eight years.

We could learn
some new songs
but the old ones
have served us so well.

Mary-Anne Taylor
May 31, 2014

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