Sunday, May 18, 2014

5KCBWDAY7- Wishes for the coming year

The final day of the blogging challenge is to write about my wishes for what I will have accomplished a year from now.

Summers spent knitting on my sister's porch: sharing or knitting in silence, listening to the bird's sing.

Winter knitting in my sister's livingroom: cozy around the wood stove, chatting about this and that or nothing at all.

Knitting in the cab of our truck camper as my dh and I head east, or south, or both.

Knitting in the presence of my daughter, because her presence fills me with contentment.

Knitting with my son, or for my son, or both. Just being with him is enough.

Knitting on Thursday nights with my new friends in my knitgroup.

Knitting socks for my dh's hobbit feet. (Wide, not hairy)

Knitting as my dh and I discover some new series to watch on Netflix.

Knitting on the backporch, wrapped in my 40 year old blanket, until the autumn chill drives me once more onto the couch.

Crocheting with my niece and getting her hooked (pun intended) on Ravelry.

Learning to be content, and brave.

Increasing the readership of this blog. So, share with your friends, and comment....I love comments.

Oh, yes, and illusion knitting. I am going to learn to do that this year.


This has been a wonderful experience: blogging daily on topics I do not usually write about and using techniques I do not usually use.

Tomorrow this blog will be back to regularly scheduled programming, but this experienced has definitely changed me, as all experiences do, so I am certain my blog will feature knitting more often than it has in the past, and I will continue to work on my photography.

Thank you to my blogging friends on Ravelry and especially Eskimimi for organizing it all.


  1. I like that all of your plans involve knitting with people and for people, rather than what you will knit and by when. I will be tuning in when you are back to regular programming tomorrow - consider readership up by one!

  2. Thank you so much, Sarah. I appreciate your comments very much.

  3. Your wishes for the next year sound wonderful! I hope they all come true, and it will be a year of great contentment for you :)


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