Tuesday, May 13, 2014

5KCBWDAY2 - Looking for love (or at least the occasional date)

Day Two blogging challenge - to write a dating profile for one of your finished knitted objects.

Ok, ok, my friends have goaded my into this. They have heard enough of my complaining that I never go anywhere, on anybody, so here goes.

I am a single, off-white aran sweater who is entering the dating world for the very first time. I thought I had found my one true love. You know, the one that would take me for long walks on a windy beach, or perhaps along a forest trail, or maybe even camping across this wide country of ours. But no.....I have been wrapped in a plastic bag, hanging in a dark closet for....wait for it....four years. Some would have thrown in the towel(plastic?) earlier, but I am slow to make life changing decisions.

However, I digress.

I am plus-sized, some would say voluptuous, and a wee bit high maintenance (hand wash only). I love white wine. Well, I love red wine too, but let us just say that red wine doesn't love me. (See above note about my colour and washing instructions).

I am a simple sweater, mostly stocking stitch, a few cables, and am longing for walks at sunset on a windy beach. I am equally comfortable dressed up for a night at the theatre or a fancy restaurant.

I don't mind getting a little dirty, and would love to spend time on a fishing boat or around a campfire in the middle of no-where.

I am looking for someone who will wear me. Often. Proudly. And not be afraid of my idiosyncracies. (See above note about red wine, and washing instructions).

I am v-necked, which I realize is not to everyone's liking, but if you are a shirt that doesn't like to be totally hidden from view then I think we might me a match.

Or perhaps you are a hairy chest that would like to see the light of day, or the light of a campfire, or hey, even a sunset or two.

Some say my look is timeless, and I promise to keep you warm. I imagine that I would look good on your arm(s) and even invite a few envious looks (or leers) from passer-bys when you take me out on the town.

So how about it?

All are welcome to respond.

Unless you are an alpaca, because, well, that would just be awkward.

This picture is four years old, but, really, I haven't changed a bit. (See above note about plastic and closet).


  1. Beautiful sweater! I hope you find love:)

  2. You haven't changed in four years? That's what they all say on these dating sites...

  3. What you need, is a cricketer ;)


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