Monday, May 12, 2014

5KCBWDAY1 - I think she has forgotten us

Well, I don't know where she has got to this time. She was so excited to start me as part of the March Mystery Sock Knit-a-long, and I think we made some good progress. Here we are - created two at a time (so at least I have company). Our cuffs are done, and the colour-work is looking quite lovely. We must be in a cable section now because there is this odd little cabling needle stuck in me. It is getting rather uncomfortable. However it is pretty. I think she has forgotten us because our yarn is in the beautiful yarn bowl and we are tucked inside and, well, we have been sitting in the craft room since the middle of March!

Hello? Psst? Hey, you....knitting lady.....why have you abandoned us?

Oh, I know what she will say. It isn't us it's her. She has lost interest. Not because we aren't beautiful. Because we are. But, well, she has found another love. Sniff.

Yes, that's it. She is stepping out on us with that....that.... that sock-yarn blanket. She knew we were just a fling, a short-termed commitment, and clearly she wanted something longer term, something more brag-worthy than a pair of socks. She says she is just on a mission to use up all her sock yarn stash, but that doesn't really ring true because WE are being knit from stash too. Or at least, we were.

It is hard being socks. You are hardly ever seen. I mean, blankets get to be out on the bed....all the time. But us? We are on the feet, in the shoes, under the pants, hanging on the line IN THE BASEMENT, or stuffed in her drawer. Hmph! I am starting to really resent that blanket.

Just sayin'!

We have tried to pretty ourselves up and look 'cute' when she walks into the craft room, but now there is stuff ON TOP OF US.....she can't even see how cute we are.

Yup, I think she has forgotten us.

So, if you see her, can you remind her that she has half-knit socks in the craft room under two patterns and some cotton yarn? Can you encourage her that we are going to be so comfy to wear and, since we are a General Hogbuffer pattern, we will be interesting to knit. And stunning! Did I mention we are cute?

She is probably waiting for August when Sock Knitters Anonymous have their challenge to finish all work-in-progress socks.

Ok, we will be patient. August isn't THAT far away.


And besides we have company. There is an almost finished shawl, a barely started sweater and a double-knitted pot-holder. I think it is time for us to form a union. The union of unfinished, forgotten, under-appreciated projects.

Ya, that's it! Unionize!

Well, that, or get her help for her attention deficit disorder.


Abandoned socks project et al

Update: Ok, I, the knitting lady, feel badly about this, so here is a picture of the abandoned socks with my new love.

Maybe a close-up will stave on the union organizing until August.


  1. I think I have a lot of unfinished objects who would appreciate to be part of that union of yours ! They deserve love too... we need more hands to knit everything !

  2. My forgotten FOs already formed their own support group, I'm sure they'd be happy to have you!

  3. Your unfinished socks and mine are suffering together!


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