Sunday, May 25, 2014

Spiders (Happy ending, I promise)

I have been gardening this spring. I have planted six flower boxes, one herb garden, and with the encouragement of my son I planted a little tomato plant. Grape tomatoes to be exact.

I had to wait a couple of weeks between purchase of the little plant and putting it outside because the nights were still too cold. So the tomato plant and the basil plant waited patiently in the kitchen until the Victoria Day weekend.

Here it is on May 2, 2014

But now it is outside, and thriving. It has fallen over, been staked with a big wooden spoon (until my husband, the cook, noticed and suggested the spoon had other duties), and then re-staked with a large dowel. It was a dowel that I used to hang the children's advent calendar....but I digress.

Yesterday I decided to photograph said plant to send to my son for approval.

Looking pretty good, eh?

Then I discovered this:
Baby spiders!

Now, I have never been a fan of spiders, but this time of year we get these little guys hatching on the back porch and floating in their little parachutes to start their new lives. (Insert metaphor here...)

It was a Charlotte's Web moment for me, and so I had to share it with my kids thousands of kilometers away.

"Bet there are no aphids on that plant now!" my son messaged. (He is the practical one).

"Woah!!! Awesome!" texted my daughter. (She is the exuberant one).

I just sighed happily and watched the little spiders sail off into the backyard.

(I am the happy one.)


  1. Very nice post. I love spiders. My daughter was fascinated by them when she was little. We read books and watched videos. I learned to respect the little creepies. As she grew she developed a fear and grossness about them. That makes me sad because now I am alone in my love for them.

  2. Thanks you brooksie68. Here is hoping your daughter will find her way back to sharing your love of them. I am fine with them now as long as they don't surprise me!


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