Friday, May 16, 2014

5KCBWDAY5 - Poetic reflections of a Spring Morning

The challenge today was to write in a different way than I usually blog. I have written poetry before, but never rhyming poetry. This poem is a reflection the day after attending a Death Cafe.

Reflections on a Spring Morning

I look across the yard of green
hearing the songs of birds unseen.
The city begins to thrum to life
A myriad of stories, loss and strife.

The morning quiet gives me pause
To reflect on life and social laws.
To wish with hope as I draw a breath
for healing, and time before my death.

Time for laughter, peace and tears,
Time for comforting and allaying fears,
Time for birdsongs and campfires bright,
Time for moonrises and stars in the night.

Morning surrounded by towering trees
Feeling blessed by a god that sees.
For all my failings that haunt my sleep
Stillness and grace in my soul will creep.


Geekette Palette said...

This is a beautiful poem !

Sarah said...

Stunning poem! I admit I had to look up "Death café"... open dialogue changes our views on so many stigma-ridden issues. Thanks for sharing your experience here.