Friday, June 27, 2014

Rivers and Mountains

It was that kind of holiday. We camped right beside a number of rushing, noisy rivers over the past month. Because it was June, and despite the teachers' strike, the campgrounds were pretty empty. Often we were the only ones there.

Being alone in a campground is oddly comforting and scary at the same time. But, hey, we had our bear spray.

We discovered a few amazing free rec sites run by either BC Hydro, or forestry companies. Hats off to those who make such sites possible. They are so beautiful, and peaceful, and FREE!

We spent a couple of obligatory nights boon-docking in Wal-Mart parking lots. One in Drumheller after I drove over a very sharp object that slit our tire open. 4 hours later, thanks to Kal-Tire, and us having the best RV roadside insurance, the spare was on and we trundled to the Wal-Mart at midnight for some sleep.

Besides the scenery and a visit with our son and a golfing tournament it was a challenging trip in many ways. Both of us felt a little betwixt and between on this trip. Partly there was some trepidation about whether our truck would hold-up (it did), some worry about whether the camper batteries were holding a charge enough to run dh's cpap machine through each night (it did except at the very end we cut our trip short by one day), and mostly because when you are retired holidays take on a different flavour.

When you are working holidays are a time to sleep and read and just lie in the sun. Holidays are about leaving something behind.

When you are retired you can sleep and read and sit in the sun everyday at home. When you are on holidays you are just taking your show on the road. It is different. It took us about 3 weeks to adjust to the difference, but still and all we were glad to come home.

We talked a fair bit about next steps. We both agreed that selling the house is what we want to do, but what we don't know about is the "then what?"

And then we got home, and the sun was shining, a lovely warm breeze was blowing, and I happily tended my flowers, hung the bird feeders, did laundry, sorted mail, emptied the camper, had a l o n g luxurious bath and some yummy chinese food for dinner.

Yes, my little house is run-down, but it feels like home.

And yet, I realized this morning as I headed to the basement to put on the 4th load of laundry, home is where ever we make it. I can have flowers growing on a back deck somewhere else. This is only home because it is where I am right now.

Home for the past month was in campsites beside rushing rivers.

And that was ok too.

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