Sunday, March 15, 2015

Hey, my blog is ready for Grade One!

Blogging friends have been announcing their blog's birthdays so I went back and checked and guess what?

My blog turned seven last Friday.

Seven on Friday the 13th. Ya gotta love that.

So that means:

a) my blog is ready for grade one

b) she has probably lost her front teeth

c) I am a completely different person if you follow the belief that all of your cells are replenished after seven years.


This also means that I am a bad parent because:

a) this is the first time I have acknowledged my blog's birthday, and

b) I missed it by two days!

However, I don't feel too bad because apparently for years my mother celebrated my birthday on the 19th of October until someone went and checked my birth certificate to verify it was actually the 17th.

I can't really fault her, I was the fourth child, and hey, who keeps count after three?

So, happy birthday, Breathing Life.

You are doing fine.

You have good friends.

You are still here.

And that?

That is a good thing.

If you want to read my first ever post check it out here:


  1. Happy Birthday bloggy baby! Ooops I mean big girl like my granddaughters tell me. xo

    1. you gotta listen to those granddaughters...they tell it like it is!

  2. ...and I'm absolutely confident that your blog won't be spitting at anyone ....
    Seven years is an amazing achievement...
    I'm only sorry I was so late in coming to the party...

    1. lol no I will not allow it to spit at anyone (can't say the same for the class I subbed in today!)

  3. Happy Birthday to your lovely blog! Wow it is getting a big girl! I am looking forward to lots and lots more.

    1. And I hope you will be there to celebrate with me.

  4. Happy birthday Breathing Life. May you have many many years of interesting posts ahead of you :)

    1. thank you dear blogging friend. and I look forward to reading many more of your posts too!


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