Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Premonition or Intuition- either way I'm a believer

Every once in a while I get a flash of something awful happening to someone I love.

I learned years and years ago that when that happens I am to surround the person in white light to protect them.

I had a vision of my son having a car accident on the Alaska Highway. I immediately surrounded him and his truck in white light.

Last night he phoned.

He is ok.

He did have an accident on the Alaska Highway.

He went into a skid and to avoid hitting a semi he steered for the snowbank and rolled his truck.

He wasn't hurt.

He knows his seatbelt saved him from serious injury.

Six feet either side of that snowbank was a six foot drop-off.

That snowbank saved him.

He got a lift from the driver of the pilot car accompanying the semi to a truck stop four kilometers down the road.

The tow company wanted hundreds of dollars to right his vehicle and tow it to a garage.

He walked back to his truck.

He got his axe, heading into the forest and cut down a ten foot tree.

He put the trunk of the tree through the window of his truck that was lying on its side and with the help of another truck driver they righted the vehicle.

Thank God for the kindness of strangers.

His truck started, and he continued the drive home.

Another twelve hours.

Slowly, with four way flashers going and no side mirror.

He was scared.

He made it home to his loved one. She had a hot bath ready for him.

He is still in shock.

So am I.

But non-believers, back off.

White light works.


  1. Wow, that is quite a story. I would be terrified if I had some sort of premonition and wouldn't know what to do, Thank God you do and that your son is safe and home.

  2. Glad your son is ok. That is a terrifying story!

  3. You really do the best with your gift. Happy that your son is ok. Have a nice day.

  4. So glad to hear your son is OK. A mother's love is an amazing thing!

  5. It's terrifying. Both the accident and your insight. It must be very scary, having such insights. Hope your son is getting some relief from the huge stress he underwent. I'm glad to read he is OK.

  6. Thank you all for you hugs and comments. It definitely helped with the processing of the event!

  7. The gift of premonition can be terrifying, but it's good to know you've been blessed with the wisdom and strength to handle it. I'm so thankful that your son is okay. Glad I found your blog and BIG Hugs...

    1. yes it can be terrifying which is why I rely on the white light. It seems to help allay my fears and clearly has results. Thanks for the hug!


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