Saturday, March 21, 2015

My blog is an open book so why doesn't he read it?

I have a question for all you bloggers out there.

Does your significant other read your blog?

Mine doesn't.

He says he thinks he should so he can know more about what I am thinking about stuff.

But he doesn't.

I think he is afraid to.

I have sometimes blogged about him, and then I have to print out the blog and put it in front of his nose.

Then he reads it.

But jeez?

What's a blogger gotta do?

Maybe I have to start blogging about climate - because he reads ALL those blogs.


  1. too funny - climate! We Canadians do like to talk about weather.... I prefer knitting blogs though!

  2. My husband never reads mine either. He gives suggestions for poems and things, and he knows I sometimes mention him but he never reads it.

  3. Nppe... Neither does my dearest friend of 45 years... Or my only brother... But they don't read any blogs. It's something that I find confusing. I bet he compliments and comments on what you create that's tangible, though, your yarn art

  4. My husband reads my blog when he knows I've posted something new (and acts as my editor by pointing out my typos!), but I don't think he goes and checks it without me sending him a link first.

  5. I don't have a significant other. My family doesn't read my blog, though. IT's the little place where I can vent, so it's for the better that they don't read it.


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