Sunday, May 17, 2015

6KCBWDAY7 - Who,What,Where,When,Why and How

Today the challenge is to talk about where we knit.

Where: Mostly I knit nestled into the corner of my couch in the living room.  It is under the light, plus I have my grandmother's tea trolley next to me where I keep all my essential knitting tools:

The silver tray was my aunt's and always was on the coffee table beside the chair she sat in to knit. 

When camping I knit at the table in the camper, listening to podcasts, or the radio. 

When with my sister I knit in her living room, or outside in lawn chairs (in the summer).  (Here she is teaching me entrelac.)

Who: My husband is usually watching TV with me while I knit, otherwise, unless with my knit group on Thursdays, or at my sister's house, I knit by myself. 

When: I knit for a couple of hours during the day - for five or eight hours at night.  Yes, I am retired.

What: I usually knit socks, or baby things, but this year I am already on my fourth sweater - so projects, they are a-changing. Tour de Sock is starting soon, so I am sure socks will be on my needles most of the summer. Every couple of months I find myself knitting some sort of shawl - a hap shawl is on my list of things to do.

Why:  I knit because I love it.  I knit because I enjoy wearing hand-knit socks.  I knit because hand-knits make the best baby shower gifts.  I knit because it makes me happy and makes me feel useful.

How: I knit English style.  I am a thrower, although I can pick when doing fairisle.  I knit socks using magic loop method if they are straight forward socks, or five double points if they are more complicated and I usually knit my socks two at a time (taat) so I don't fall victim to the dreaded second sock syndrome. I have a set of square artisan double points that I love, and I have lately started to knit socks on nine inch circulars which I quite like.

I don't use straights anymore, but prefer circular needles even if not knitting in the round. 

This brings the Blogging Challenge to an end. It has been wonderful to participate and I am thankful to Eskimimi for picking the topics that make me stretch as a blogger.

So that is knitter me in a nutshell.


I think I am challenge free until next November, so Breathing Life shall return to regular scheduled programming.


  1. I don't understand all the tech talk here... But I have truly loved reading about you the knitter... A little sneak peek into my new friend's family home and a share in her passion... Wonderful . if I send the wool will you knit socks for me so I can share the magic of Mary-Anne in real life??

  2. I too have enjoyed learning more about you, I think it is wonderful that you are such a prolific knitter. It does feel great to wear something that you have created yourself, but even better to see someone else wearing something you have made especially for them .

  3. Wow you are definitely a prolific and skilled knitter. I'd like to think I could be if I applied myself more. I need to get back into knitting regularly. Thanks for sharing all the info this past week.

  4. Five to eight hours per day? Wow! My hands would hurt so much after eight hours… 

    1. I am lucky that way - I can knit for hours with no pain.

    2. You must have a good technique, good posture or both!
      I didn't participate in the Knitting and Crochet Blog Week this year because I had too many other activities at the same time but I enjoy reading your responses. Maybe next year I will join you in the KCBW. :-)

    3. I hope you join us next year if you can - I really like the challenge it gives me and it is only a week so it feels doable.


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