Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Really? Really.

Most days I think I don't have much to do. But in reality my days can be somewhat hectic.

Today, for example:

Hair appointment at 12

Dr appointment at 1

Meet my nephew at 1:30

Babysit from 3:15 - 5:15

I wish I could say this was an unusual day, but it really isn't.

My anxiety is still in full swing.

I talked to a good friend last week and realized that I need to be more judicious about booking my time.

I need to learn it doesn't all have to happen today, or at once.

I need to learn to give myself more time in between things.

To find the space in between the moments so it is not all such a rush.

One thing I know.

From 5:30 on I will be knitting.

And that is a good thing.


  1. Oh, I'm with you with the knitting. It's the only thing to end a hectic day.

    1. to start a day, and end a day - and in the middle of the day too if possible ... ;)

  2. Be kind to yourself... You deserve it...
    I could never get done at the hairdresser in just one hour! Takes longer than that to cover the grey....
    It's not a school day anymore... You don't have to perform between bells. Breathing time.... Cup of tea... A few rows of knitting... The paper... a few blogs...
    But you're doing a great job with your health... Yoga, swimming, walking... Doctor... So you're doing lots and lots right...

  3. Ugh... As I was about to shut down iPad, I realised that prolly sounds judgemental and arrogant.... You're NOT doing ANYTHING wrong.... You are active and busy and connected....
    Sorry I sounded like God! It wasn't meant that way...more of a statement about me really... Sedentary and lazy and disconnected ...avoiding life

    1. I read you comment with appreciation and felt your support - no judgement here, or there.
      and you are right in all of it - I am having a cup of tea and knitting a few rows.

    2. ...excellent... I'm midway through my A-Z reflection post and confusing myself about numbers and visitors etc... I just don't speak Maths... not a bit...

  4. I am glad you are motivated enough to get out and about. I am totally the opposite at the moment preferring to cocoon myself at home. It is great that you have your knitting to enjoy, I am wondering what project you are going to tackle next?

  5. Visiting here after connecting with Wendy (of the rock)
    That's one busy day! I have so much grey to cover my hair appointment would take up most of it let alone all the other things. Hope you get through it all.


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