Friday, July 29, 2016

Titbits and Pokemen

Sometimes life is just too much fun.

I went to my knit group on Thursday night. I am a new fitbit convert and there are a few other fitbitters in the group. They were helping me set up my account, taking my picture for my profile and things like that. They all have the kind that you wear on your wrist. I bought one that you clip onto your bra.

"Oh, we call those tit bits", said one of them, and there we all were in gales of laughter.

So, I have a tit bit.

Who knew?

Then, the conversation got around to Pokeman Go, because one knitter loves to play the game and two others are trying to learn how it works. They were talking about eggs, and incubators, and flying fish.

By then amid the conversation about titbits, and Pokeman, one knitter was convulsing with laughter, which of course is totally infectious.

Oh, yes, we were suppose to be knitting, but at a certain point I think at least half of us had our phones out to either look for Pokemen, or to play with the Dashboard on our fitbits.

We meet in the library, and people kept popping their heads in to see what all the frivolity was about. They seemed incredulous that knitting could be so much fun.

We are thinking of having a Pokeman Go knit night. There seemed to be an awful lot of the little guys we could have tracked down in and around the library. And that way me and my titbit could log some steps!

Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks.

There was some knitting that got done, but an awful lot of laughter.

And that?

That was a very good thing.


  1. Laughter is always the best!! Sounds like a very fun night!!

    1. We laugh at every knit night, but this one was extra goofy!

  2. Hmm I thought I'd already left a comment but anyway, I too have a fitbit that's keeping me motivated at the moment. Your knitting group sounds fun.

  3. Sounds like fun and a good stir too!


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