Monday, July 4, 2016

Zazen and Kaizen

Zazen is the practice of sitting meditation. I have been working towards a disciplined routine in this since March - and I have been semi successful but it is something I really want to explore more fully. I have been getting taps on the shoulder from the universe about this, and it is time I sat up (no pun intended) and listened.

So there's that.

At the same time I have been continuing my journey with Total Immersion swimming and the word Kaizen is used in the training books.

Kaizen is a Japanese word that means 'continuous improvement'. It helps me in my swimming sessions to realize that it isn't about reaching a state of perfection, or mastery, but instead working every day to improve. This makes my swims so much more than continuous laps for 48 minutes. I can focus on my hands, my breath, my core, my kick, and each time I am in the pool I can strive to swim better than I have before.

Lately I have been working on my backstroke and breaststroke as well, and yesterday I even started to play around with butterfly.

Imagine that? I have never tried butterfly stroke before, but at 60, well, here I am giving it a whirl.

So these two Japanese words are guiding me this month.

Zazen and Kaizen.

What words are guiding you?


  1. I've been trying to work on my meditation too! I have a yoga nidra CD that I find really helpful and I'm thinking about re-subscribing to Headspace. I find having some kind of guide is very helpful to keep me focused. Good luck with your practice!

  2. Love your zen goals.
    Words guiding me:
    My mom told me at the nursing home Saturday that she was a wervous neck. I'm trying not to be a wervous neck. Or nervous wreck.
    Be still?
    Make it fun.

  3. wervous neck!!! I love it! I will work at not being a wervous neck too!


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