Sunday, October 29, 2017

Yopping Number Eighteen - Hard to keep a secret

I have done quite a bit of knitting on my Dying of the Light Shawl, but it doesn't really look that much different from last week's picture so I will just make you wait a bit for another peek.

I have turned the heel on my test knit sock, and it is looking scrumptious, but alas, it is a test knit so, again, no picture because - secret!

I DID go shopping for yarn for my On the Spice Market shawl, and was so happy with what I came up with. 

The off white is a soft yummy wollmeise blend for the main colour and the package is for five of the spices.  I am using the red from my Iona blanket for the sixth colour and after consulting with my knitterly friends at my Thursday night knit group we have decided on this order for the colours.

I get very stressed out when choosing colours for my knits because I don't feel confident about colour rules so I bought the box of prismatic colours from Sweet Georgia Yarns and I signed up for their on-line colour course. 

I am very excited about this.  And look, I already learned about using grey scale:

(not that at this point I have any idea what this picture tells me!)

So, ya, I am not going to win any tiaras for stash busting this year because of my retail splurge last Wednesday (not to mention Knit City at the end of September, and Fibres West last March )- but I have kept true to my goal of only buying with a purpose and casting on said project soon after the purchase.  That goal has been accomplished.  Even the little mini skein of red you see in the picture will be the toe and heel of another sock test knit I am doing for a friend.

I am still teaching every morning for a few hours and I am still loving it.  The weather has been gorgeous for walking (and raking) amid the autumn leaves in the afternoons. 

I got my flu shot and pneumonia shot last Wednesday so I have been feeling a little off late in the day but I am sure it will pass soon.

November is almost upon us, and I have promised myself to work on editing my novel through the month as part of Nanowrimo.  Stay tuned - I probably will be posting excerpts on my blog throughout the process. 

To follow all the fantastic progress of my yopperly friends please visit here.


  1. Choosing colours used to frighten me so much until I bought a box of coloured pencils and started colouring. Guess I'm still a child at heart - give me a sheet of paper and some crayons, and I'll happily colour away. :-D

  2. I love picking colors for items. Let me rephrase that.......I love having my daughter or daughter in law with me when I pick colors for projects. They have such a great eye for color. I just tell them if I want complimentary or jump in your face mix ups. I did not know you could take a color class.

    Good luck on your novel writing next month. I will be looking forward to excerpts.

  3. I find choosing yarn colors a bit daunting at times.
    Thanks for the link to the free color course, Mary-Anne. I Just signed up! :)

  4. I'm another who sometimes has trouble choosing colours. I'm definitely going to have to investigate that colour class, so thank you for the link!

  5. I have to work hard at finishing one thing before starting another. Lots of lovely yarn there. Looking forward to your secrets being revealed.

  6. Good on you for taking a colour course if that's an area where you need to develop more confidence. Purchasing a variety of colours in the same yarn series is a foolproof method as most seasonal palettes are designed so that all colours will work with each other.

    Shame you can't share your test knit yet. Do you feel much pressure when working a test knit for someone?


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