Saturday, November 4, 2017

Things real or imaginary

I have been home with a headache all day and the pills and sleeping are not helping.   I did get my marking done anyways on the hope that I will feel better tomorrow and will have the day off. 

I edited another two chapters, and I am feeling good about the progress.  

Here is a short piece about my heroine's sighting of a humpback whale:

The drizzle had lifted and the waves were lapping against the seawall.  Not too many joggers or power walkers today – she sipped her soup and looked out to the sea.

The sea that was her comfort, and her solace.  And maybe, soon, it would be something else entirely. 

Or maybe not.

Something caught her eye.  She turned and saw the huge tail fluke of a whale break the surface. 

She gasped. 

“Whale”, she said to no-one in particular and no-one heard her. 

She watched as the huge fluke slapped the gray water and then disappear.  She looked around at the other diners, the waiter, but no-one else seemed to have noticed. 

Had she imagined it?  Was it calling her home?  She day-dreamed for a few minutes about following the great leviathan into that deep dark ocean.  Into the abyss.  

Now I am heading for a hot bath - here's hoping that will do the trick. 

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  1. You have my sympathy with your headache. (Coincidentally, I'm suffering a summer cold as I read this which gives you extra sympathy points from me!). I hope the hot bath helped.

    We have whales in South Australia. During ouor winter they come in close to shore along the south coast and one can take 'whale-watching' tours from a town called Victor Harbor. I haven't read your excerpt yet - saving it to read them all at once when I get back to the beginning. ;-)


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