Sunday, November 5, 2017

Yopping number 19 -Spicy!

It has been a busy week what with teaching and knitting and I am so very happy with my On the Spice Market shawl.  I wasn't sure about the red I had chosen and I started a few rows with a different red, but I ripped it back and I am delighted with the result. 

I love the wollmeise blend I am using for the main (natural) colour.  It is sooooo soft to knit with.  I know I am going to love this shawl and I already have plans for a second using the rainbow colours I bought two weeks ago from Sweet Georgia. 

I have finished the colour course, but of course now it is about practising and trying different combinations, but I feel a little more confident at the point.

Here is an update picture of my Dying of the Light shawl.  It isn't getting the attention it deserves because of the Spice Market, but I will get back to it as soon as my test knit socks are done.

And, speaking of test knit socks - one is finished and the leg pattern of the second is almost done.  I am making fraternal socks and I can show you this picture which shows you the colour without giving away any of the design secrets.

I have been working on my novel every day since Wednesday as part of the Nanowrimo challenge.  I won't add another 50,000 words to it, but I have edited five chapters and added about 1500 words so far.  I have been posting excerpts to this blog so in essence I am also participating in NaBloPoMo. 


I have finished teaching the grade seven class and all I have left is marking, and next week I have five lectures to give to student teachers on teaching history to grade eight students. 

It feels good to be in the classroom again.  I enjoy teaching the adults, but my heart is really with those rascally teenagers in grades six, seven and eight!

I just got home from the pool, and now I need to tackle the next chapter of my novel.  I really appreciate my readers and I love comments and try to answer them all.

Happy crafting and blogging (and reading)  to all.   

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  1. I have enjoyed reading the excerpts from your novel. It is quite good and has given me many different emotions depending on which excerpt you post. You Spice Market shawl is very pretty as the Dying in the Light.

    1. I know it isn't always an 'easy' read because of the subject matter. I appreciate you hanging in even though.

  2. I had no idea you were writing a novel...where have I been? I need to pout you on my sorry I haven't. I love the colors of your sock and what is a color course? Is there such a thing? That is my weak spot...color combos...I'm always copying others as I don't feel confident in my ability to choose good combinations. You are busy with teaching and swimming and sounds like a very interesting life! You go girl!

  3. a wrote it two years ago during nanowrimo and for my YOP list I said I was going to edit it this year.
    You can go look at last week's post about the colour course - free from Sweet Georgia - online course.

  4. Ooooh! (gush, gush!) It's so good when you can feel straightaway from the yarn that the shawl is going to be lovely. (Swoon!) I like the final red choice. I'm not sure what the previous red was but this one is perfect.

    I'm so glad you are enjoying your teaching. You must be a natural. Teaching, swimming, knitting, writing - life looks pretty good viewed from here! I'm very happy for you. Nothing makes me happier than seeing my friends happy. :-) xx


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