Sunday, May 13, 2018

Yopping 46 - To drum card or hand card - that is the question.

On the knitting front my Bendy Arrow is almost done- next week I will post the finished picture (maybe even blocked!)

I took a very large pillow case of washed, un-carded fleece to my sister's little island.  She belongs to a fantastic group of weavers/spinners/knitters/crocheters that have a wonderful space called Fabricators.

It is in building that used to be a one room school house.

and inside is everything you need to do whatever craft you are working on.

On Tuesday morning the chairs were full of women chatting and laughing, helping one another, and sharing their projects and stories.  I was struck by this gathering of women because I know that amid the laughter and chatter there are individuals that have lost their health, their house, their husband, their hope.  And yet.  And yet there they were listening and laughing and carrying on with their lives.
It was inspiring.  It was supportive.  It was healing.

I went specifically to use one of the drum carders because I have soooooo much fleece and I thought it would help my poor wrists to put down the hand carders and so:

I went from this grey/black Baby Doll fleece to this:

and from this Friesan fleece:

to this:

 and from shetland locks like this one:

to this:

I went in again on Wednesday by myself for a couple of hours but I wasn't really alone because this

lovely spinner watched over me.

I have to admit that I thought the drum carding would go faster, and it didn't really. Plus, it took a long time after each session to clean the carder.  I also realized my Baby Doll fleece still has far too much lanolin so I will wash it again with soap before I card anymore.

I was struck by the peacefulness of the space while I was there alone for two hours.  I have decided that when we move I want to move to a place where I have a studio space with lots of light for all my spinning, knitting and sewing materials so they will be available and set up at all times.

A place just like Fabricators.

And I hope to fill it with women who create.  Fill it with their laughter and stories, their gifts and resolve, their beauty and support.

Today, too, is Mother's Day.  To all who mother in whatever capacity I wish you peace and love

Just for a giggle I will share with you what the front porch looked like when I arrived home from visiting my sister for nine days.  I didn't pack this much stuff to go to Europe for a month!

and a dear friend I visited on the way home gave me this lovely pin:

It has been a good week. I wish the same for all of you my dear readers.

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  1. I was just thinking of you today! So nice to have the facilities in what seems to be a peaceful space. So, thinking of some Gulf Island living in your future? I think that is a super idea, and hope you find your crafts room near swimmable water. Wonderful colours of the bendy arrow.

    1. no definite plans for where yet - perhaps vancouver island between courtney and campbell river.

  2. That Betty Smith Centre or Fabricators looks like a wonderful place to work on fleece and with wool. And I love your dream to create such a place when and wherever you move. That really does sound peaceful and so very rich. Thank you for sharing it with us - in pictures and words.

  3. What a wonderful space, I'm glad you enjoyed yourself there.

  4. That is indeed a lovely space and it would be wonderful to have easy access to it at home.

    1. sure would - my craft room is very crowded and I always have to move stuff to get to other stuff. Can't complain though.

  5. What an amazing space and excellent name! Maybe my local new maker space will have room for a similar facility. Can I show them your photos?


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