Sunday, May 6, 2018

Yopping 45 - Oceans of Time

Ta-Da! I finished Oceans of Time last night.

(That is my sister's Jack Russell photo-bombing my pic.)

It is a beautiful pattern and a fairly straight forward knit except for the first section of the border.  I had knit it (540 stitches plus all the short rows) and the count didn't work.  I ripped it out (thank God I had put in a life line) and tried valiantly a few more times before turning to Knitterarium for help.  Neither of us can figure out why my count wasn't working but she helped me fudge the numbers so it would work out. 

The next section of short rows went smoothly.  Again, thank God.  I am not sure about the colours, I think I should have swapped the red and mustard colour, but I have received compliments on it so I will go with that.  I am trying to expand my colour choices.  I mean I do LOVE Prince - but not everything I knit HAS to be purple.  Right?

So no, it is not blocked, and my ends aren't sewn in yet, but when I get home (I am on the Little Island visiting my sister for a week or so) I will get it on the blocking mat.  It is going to be huge - which is the way I like my shawls. 

I have done a fair bit more on my Bendy Arrow.  I am loving the colours and pattern so far.

On the headache front I think the worst is over.  I saw my chiropractor last Monday, and, although my neck is still stiff, the headache, for the most part, has abated.    (My goodness I don't think that last sentence needed sooooooo many commas. 

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See you next week.  I think I will have some spinning news for you then and maybe, just maybe a blocked Oceans of Time.


  1. Your Oceans of Time looks great, Mary-Anne. I know we've been watching its progress, but in this post it feels like we're looking at a different project. It just takes on a whole new look now that it's finished. Enjoy your visit with your sister. How lovely it sounds to be "on the Little Island".

  2. Love your oceans of time shawl. The colors are superb. Glad to hear the headache has subsided. Hopefully it stays away.

  3. Lovely colors and lovely shawls! I need to get Grammarly on my pc. It will probably crash when it sees my grammar mistakes! LOL! what island? Where? Sounds like heaven....can you move in with her? Thanks goodness "jack russell" didn't lift his leg on your shawl! Enjoy your week!

  4. And here I was about to say how wonderful it would look in shades of purple,,,,,,,,

  5. lovely shawl...and cute photobomber!

  6. What a beautiful shawl and the colours are gorgeous.


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