Sunday, June 10, 2018

Update 50 - Baby things

I finished the booties:

can you see a problem?  I made one with 2.5 mm and one with 3 mm.  Oops - guess I have to make another pair to match.

the diaper pants:

made with the leftover yarn from my classic tee.

and this owl hat:

I am very proud of my crocheting ability on the little owl.

I purchased two new skeins of sock yarn:

Each ball will make a pair of socks plus a pair of anklet socks.   So I guess I will be casting on some socks in the very near future.

I looked through my year of projects list and with two weeks to go I hope to finish a few more and the unfinished projects will begin my list for Year of Projects #8.  Who is with me?

To see how my partners-in-crime are doing check out their posts here.


  1. Booties and diaper pants. Baby items are so sweet to make. Yes your crocheting on the owl is quite good.

    Nice sock yarn. How nice to be able to get that much yardage in a skein.

  2. Your baby knits are fab, and it won't take long to make the matching pair!

  3. Those pants are terrrific! So soft. I did the same thing the last time I made a pair of booties only I crocheted mine and the difference wasn't so obvious, thank goodness. And the little crocheted owl is adorable. Can't want to see more baby things you make, Mary-Anne - in addition to all your other cool stuff. Your potholders are the coolest.

  4. Well I'm sure another matching set of bootees will be done in no time! And the socks!

  5. Ooh, what fun you're having. You can pop in our sock group whenever you have a WIP going. I love the looks of your sock yarn.

    1. And thank you if you had to open a WP account just to be able to comment. Sorry you had to jump through this extra hoop.


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