Monday, August 6, 2018

Yopping Update #5 - Being Brave

Hello to all from Beautiful British Columbia!  Today is BC Day here in my home Province and I intend to sit on the porch in the sun and enjoy a doing nothing kind of day.  (Well, except for going to the pool for either a long swim, or an aquafit class if it is on this afternoon.)

On the knitting front I did get my sweater blocked, and the buttons will be sewn on sometime this week.  I promise.

I unpicked the cast off on the cuffs so that if they weren't long enough after blocking I could add a bit more length.  I think they are actually long enough, but I might add a couple more rows because I have the wool left over and I really want long sleeves to cover past my wrists.

I finished the baby pants (just needed sewing up and a crocheted drawstring for the waistband.

How cute are they?  So I immediately cast on the matching cross-over sweater. 

We went to a friend's 50th birthday party on Saturday and the normal three hour drive took four and a half due to traffic tie ups so I got a lot of knitting done on this sweater.  Should be finished in a couple of days. 

I finished the birthday present for my friend. I so love making these double-knit hemp pot-holders.This one is the symbol for the Chinese Zodiac Year of the Rat.

I finished my 4 ply - and it needs a wash but I am super please with it. 100 gms of sport weight - now what to knit with it?

Now, on the being brave front I have promised myself between now and the end of the year I am going to do 100 brave things. 

Here is my first brave thing - a side shave - something I have wanted to do for quite some time.

And then I attempted a second watercolour on my own.  I bought some brushes (cheap dollar store so it kept losing bristles) and here she is:

I copied the image of the poster from the class I took.  I have bought another set of brushes so next week I will show you my next piece( hopefully without the frustration of little hairs that need to be removed!)

I did get some more repeats done on my Bonnie's Wish shawl.  I am enjoying this pattern so far:

My Hoya is out in full bloom (which always reminds me of my mom because she had one always blooming in the dining room window).

AND my cactus looks like she is about to bloom!

On a final not I purchased a desk organizer on facebook marketplace for only ten bucks and I am sooooo excited to be organized and have a place to paint because I finally cleared off my desk.  

NB:  there is the poster image I copied on my latest water colour attempt.

Ok, so that is it for my week. I got a long swim in on Monday and a long walk on Friday and a sleepover in our camper on Saturday. 

All in all it has been a good week. 

To see what kind of week the other yoppers are having go here.


  1. What a great idea about being brave or at least stepping out of your comfort zone. Love the side sweep and the watercolor is precious. The sweater turned out so nice and yes, the baby items are the cutest! Your double knitting is amazing. that would be out of comfort zone! LOL! My Hoya is not blooming and I fertilized it this year. It has been in the same pot for years though and looks healthy. Do they bloom every year? I've had blooms in the past. YOu must ahve a greener thumb that I! Glad you had such a great week....go ahead...have another one!

    1. My hoya blooms constantly throughout the years - winter and summer - I don't really do anything but water it. It probably needs repotting this year, but I think it just likes the south window over the kitchen sink - maybe it enjoys the steam from the dish water it gets daily - lol.

  2. What a great post, filled with all sorts of goodies. Your sweater is beautiful, Mary-Anne. That is surely going to be very gratifying garment to wear. And your little baby pants and kimono type sweater are adorable. I really like that style of sweater. I remember liking the few I had when my babies were babies. The style is cute and it resolves any concerns about button, I'm thinking. And, as always I love your two-sided hemp potholders. :)

    I hope you enjoy your new hair style! Your hundred brave things goal is inspiring. I've been challenging myself this year in ways I'd been shrinking from in recent years. I've been in a season of change for the last four years, but only recently began owning it in a way that I'm starting to "be" the change, rather than simply responding to all the changes. Your personal challenge is thought provoking. Thanks for sharing it!

    1. Thanks Becki. It is easier to be brave in front of a responsive and supportive audience like my readers. And yes, a baby sweater with no buttons - perfect!

  3. Well, I love everything about this week. What glorious achievements and rewards.

  4. Love the 100 brave things. The sweater is perfect, well done. I love the baby pants and the pot holders are lovely

  5. OOOOOH I love the side shave. Good for you to do 100 brave things this year.

    What a smart idea to wait on finishing the sleeves in case after bloking you want more length to them.

    You have certainly gotten quite a bit of knitting done. Your Grandbaby is going to be so lucky to have all these lovely handmade gifts from Grandma.

    Sounds like you have had a perfect week. Enjoy that swim/aquafit class.

  6. Happy long weekend! We have “Simcoe Day” here but It’s still just a plain old civic holiday to me!

    The baby pants are super cute! It’ll be a lovely set with the matching sweater.

    100 Brave Things is a great idea. I love shaved hair - I never had a puppy so a brush cut was the closest I got. So much more comfortable especially on hot days!

  7. What a great week and so positive. Keep it up!

  8. Love everything you posted; looking forward to seeing new watercolours.

  9. What a varied and interesting post this week Mary-Anne. Where to start? First love the finished sweater and I'd add the extra length to the cuffs too if long is what you are after. Those baby pants and kimono type sweater are just too cute and what a quick knit. Now the 100 brave things this year is very inspiring, well done to you, I love, love, love the side shave and hope it's all you hoped it would be and I think your watercolour is great. I hope you have great fun enjoying the new creative outlet and I look forward to seeing more of it!

  10. That side-shave suits you so well!!

    Lovely watercolour, it's really pretty, and I love those baby pants, so cute. Well done on the sweater too!

  11. YAY! What a great undercut you did. I used to have both sides shaved like a mohawk. I will have another undercut someday but trying to grow out my hair first to the shoulders.

  12. Braving the clippers was a superb thing to get you started on your list of 100 brave things. I can't wait to read the blog post when you finally collate all the things to inspire us. Good luck!


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