Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Bura Vjetar

Bura is blowing.   It makes the sky so blue and the sea (more) this amazing colour.  The sun (sunce) dances on the water like diamonds.  The wind (vjetar) is fresh and cool.  A perfect day.

After an hour walk we settled at the local Konoba (Cafe) for velika toplo (tall, hot coffee) and soak up the sun for an hour or more.

We are waiting.  Today is the due date, but we all know how first babies can be.  They come in their own time.

Last night we watched a Croatian movie (with English subtitles) and my daughter worked on knitting a little elephant while I worked on a little raccoon.   It was a peaceful evening.

Yesterday my dh and I explored on our own and we found a little pekara (bakery) where I used my Croatian to order us jedan burek i jedan čokoladni kroasan (one cheese pie and one chocolate croissant).

Fireworks are a big deal here for Christmas and New Year so there is lots of big bangs in the evenings. 

I have done laundry twice, and I am getting quite good at navigating the small grocery stores and veggie markets. 

As we all wait on this winter birth we are thankful for laughter and comfortable company.  As my eldest sister said 'If Mary could give birth in a stable, all will be well with my daughter's upcoming birth.'  I know she is surrounded by angels. 

The village is quiet - the locals greet us as we walk by - the whole village is waiting for the Canadian trudnica (pregnant woman) to give birth. 

I like it here.  I like walking on the stone streets as they wind around, and the stone buildings that we pass.  Hundreds and hundreds of years of history everywhere we look.  I feel at home here. 

We are next door to this beautiful church.  I plan to attend a service soon. 

The inscription on the door says 'Ucitelj je ovdje i zove te' - the teacher is here and he calls you.

I feel safe and loved when the church bells ring.  You can hear the bells of all seven Kašteli at dusk.  (They ring at dawn too, but I am fast asleep then).

My daughter says when the Bura wind blows it makes her happy and full of energy.  I can see why. 

I feel it too. 


  1. Ah, you writings today stirred my heart. What a wonderful time you are having.

  2. Mmm chocolate croissant 🥐 hopefully baby won’t keep you all waiting too long

  3. Indeed the surroundings seem to have taken your heart! Might be you could return when the babe is a yearling and ready to really take in at least two languages. You could rent your place to a teacher for a year. Congratulations on your skills in the market. I hope your daughter has an easy delivery.

    1. I read that the best way to have bilingual children is for one parent to use one language and the other to use the second language exclusively instead of chopping and changing all the time. Children can adapt to which language to use for each person.

  4. This was wonderful to read. So happy for you that you are there, waiting for baby, enjoying yourselves, enjoying your kids while you all await the new little one. I'm looking forward to the birth announcement! :)

  5. The contentment and anticipation exude from your post. It looks like some Croation words are not dissimilar to English "čokoladni kroasan" (or French).
    What an appropriate inscription on the church entrance. I have a sense that everything is right in your world. A beautiful account to read. You will be in my thoughts, Mary-Anne. All the best for the birth. xxx

  6. Lovely post. You sound very peaceful which is a good thing. Although you must also be so excited. Hope all goes well. Can't wait to hear all about it. Your croatian must be improving being immersed in it.

  7. You sound like you're in a lovely town right now. I love that you can speak your language there and that you and your daughter are knitting away while awaiting the birth of baby.


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