Monday, July 1, 2019

Year of Projects Year Nine Here I Come

Thanks to my son for the drawing for my Year 9 Year of Projects header.  Cute, no?

My list is in the page at the top of this blog Year of Projects 2019-2020.  I will update it throughout the year as I go along. Here it is as this year of projects begins:

Year of Projects 2019-2020

Advent Knits (3rd time lucky?) # refer to my Ravelry queue

1) Christmas Bell #45
2) Stjarna - #46 or #61
3) Gnome Baby #98
4) Santa Gnome #55
5) Bear Xmas Tree decoration #54
6) Christmas Drum #70
7) heart #49
8) hedgehog #68
9) Advent Tree #39
10) mini santa hat #67 or #69
11) candy cane #51
12) Acorn #52
13) Holiday Mice #53
14) Mushroom #56
15) Gingerbread Man #62
16) Poinsetta #58
17) Shamrock # 59
18) Reindeer #62
19) Snowman #62
20) Yarn basket ornament #65
21) Mini sweater ornaments #35 or #47

Fisherwoman's sweater
Slip,Knit,Love Mosaic Shawl

Crib Mobile #119 or #128

Just do something (lol)

Basket Weaving
finish basket started spring 2018 in Arizona
woven wedding plate kit




grocery produce bags
Spicier Life Blanket

Simply Knitting Kits
Bella bunkins

Publish Novel

No new yarn acquisition

I have two wips to finish - and here is my progress on them as this year starts.

Fisherwoman's sweater


Slip Knit Love shawl

There will be more spinning this year (are you listening Mary-Anne?), and I am certain many projects will find there way into my heart and hands as the year unfolds. I have so much unspun fibre that I plan to only work from my stash this year.  So, yes, that is my commitment - no new yarn acquisition unless it is needed to complete a project that I started from my stash.  So, if I want to knit and crochet I had better get spinning!

I am determined to get my novel to beta readers this coming year and ultimately published one way or another.

Oh, and there will be swimming, and walking and pictures of my dear grand-daughter.  That is a promise.

Happy Canada is today!  I hope there will be red and white cupcakes and fireworks!

If you are a Ravelry member you can follow other Year Nine Yoppers here!


  1. Fabulous list. I sent you the produce bag info on the YOP weekly thread. The photo of your grand is adorable.

  2. Keep those baby pictures coming. Good luck on your new YOP goals. I'm sure you'll do very well.

  3. I hope you enjoyed your Canada Day celebrations. I am always astonished at the length of your lists - lately I have been lucky to get a handful of items created in a year.

    Good luck with your 9th year of projects. :-)

  4. A great list, lots of lovely sounding projects and a wide range. I hope your arm gets better soon and you are able to achieve all that you wish to. Oh my your granddaughter is a cutie, do you think you’ll manage another trip over to see them?

  5. What a great set of goals Mary-Anne, I love the spinning one specially and love the fact of spinning the yarn needed for your projects. Looking forward to another YOP year sharing posts and stories with you.

  6. Happy belated Canada Day! I didn't really celebrate July 4th either....I missed the boat this year.
    Your list is awesome and so is that picture of your granddaughter....the biggest smile of pure joy I've ever seen! I love where you put under spinning..."just do something"...I think? that cracked me up....I could put that next to all my projects! and your son's header is my motto too else I would give up. LOL! Your sweater is so pretty and what's this about a novel? I had no idea! Awesome! You go girl! What talented people are in this group...myself excluded....I'm mediocre compared to all you high-achievers. I can't wait to share another year with you and watch your granddaughter grow unless you can find a way to stop it...not really but you know what I mean. She's so precious and so are you dear friend!

  7. First off, I LOVE your YOP banner! That is so clever! And I thought that before I read that your son did it. :) It looks like you've got some great projects lined up. And your granddaughter looks like she approves!

  8. Great list and adorable Granddaughter!! I am looking forward to seeing what you manage to create this year. You have lots of options and I love your attitude regarding that camping sweater.


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