Sunday, August 18, 2019

Yopping Update #7 - All flowy and dancey

I finished the crocheted tank.

I love the colour and how flowy and dancey it is!   I am not sure I would ever wear it anywhere but I do love it.

One intrepid reader took on the math challenge from last week - so check out her answer and my reply on the previous post if you were curious.

That was it on the crafting front.  I had my cortisone shot on Monday and I do think it has helped some.  I am not knitting or crocheting at all, which probably also helps.

We got away camping for two nights with our honourary grand-daughters and had a great time.  I swam in the lake twice, lay in the sun ALL day and we made smores over the fire at night. My friend paddled my around the lake in the kayak and I just sat there like Cleopatra on her barge.  Very relaxing and decadent.  We learned to play Washers, which is a game like horseshoes, and it turns out I was very good at it - and that was using my left arm!  Maybe I am becoming ambidextrous after-all.

This was the first time taking our camper out this year.  What?  True.  And there were a few bumps in the road.  First when we filled up with water we noticed the spigot under the camper was open so the water was just pouring out as we filled it up.  We couldn't get the hatch open to close the spigot - it needed some WD40 so we improvised by plugging the with a pen wrapped in duct tape!   Not pretty but it worked. 

We decided we had better go buy a water jug so we found a hardware store in the little town and when we got out my husband noticed one of the tie downs for the camper was very loose.  As we were inspecting it more closely the bar that the tie down attaches to came off in his hand!  The metal had rusted right through!. So we drove to the lake (another 60 km) with only 3 tie-downs holding our camper on.  The last 17 km was a gravel road and very bumpy.  I was quite anxious about the remaining tie-downs but we made it and hoved into view with two little girls jumping up and down very happy to see us.

I went into the camper to start getting things out for dinner and to turn on the fridge and what met my eyes but all of our plates had fallen out of the cupboard (bumpy road) and there seemed like a mountain of broken dishes.   In reality we only lost three bowls, but Corelle-ware when it shatters, it shatters into a million sharp shards.

Sweeping, dustbin and one bandage later and we were ready to get dinner going.

By morning the WD40 had worked its magic and we got the hatch open.   As it turned out the drinking water at the lake was delicious so the water situation was fine.

We drove home carefully and the camper remained securely on the back of the truck.  On the way home we saw a momma grizzly bear and her two cubs right in the middle of the road.  Very exciting!

That's it for me - I think the cat has forgiven us for being away for two days, and now I have laundry to do and my husband has to get the tie-down bar repaired.


Never a dull moment.

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  1. I love reading your posts, Mary-Anne. You have such a way with words. Cleopatra on her barge... Sounds heavenly. Your camping trip sounds like quite an adventure. And a lot of work. I do know about Corelle ware shattering. Glad you came through it with a sense of humor and adventure, still. Even though I winced at the thought of all that glass to clean up, I enjoyed reading your post. Every word of it.

  2. What a great adventure you had. Sorry to hear about the broken dinnerware though. A weekend at a lake would be heaavenly. Congrats on completing the tank top. I think it is great! I too, love the drape of it

  3. Oh my a 2nd Yopper with a bear sighting this week, I am sooo jealous. We hoped to see a bear when we were touring Washington and Oregon. Hopefully if we get to Canada one day I’ll see a grizzly. I live in hope. I think your crocheted tank looks the perfect item to wear when you’ve turned up the radio and dancing around the house with it swishing around. I’m glad the injection has helped a bit.

  4. Love your top just right for lounging around the house. Your trip sounds as it was fun despite the breakages! enjoyed reading about week.

  5. Oh boy, one can't go wrong with smores!

  6. Your camping trip sounded like quite the adventure! Love the top, the yellow looks really pretty on you.

  7. Congratulations on your 'dancey flowy'. If you love it, why wouldn't you wear it anywhere (or everywhere)? I would. It's lovely. It's great to see that top on you after reading about its fascinating construction challenges.
    I am so glad your shoulder is improving. If only we knew how much was due to the shot and how much was due to not knitting or crochet.
    Just in time for your camping adventure. Were the bears scary? How awesome to meet wild animals. I feel like I have been on an adventure just reading your stories this week. So much excitement. That's so cool, Marianne. Keep smiling! :-)

  8. You really did have an adventure and a grizzly bear! How exciting is that? I'm afraid of bears but love them and would love to see one in the wild but safely inside a car or cabin!LOL! Your camping sounded wonderful despite all the hiccups. I pray your arm continues to heal. I love your tank top. I would think it would look really pretty with a white blouse under it? Have a good week!

  9. Well that was an exciting camping trip! Glad the camper stayed on!

  10. I love your crochet top. With the right layering underneath - this would be a show-stopper! You would get a lot of compliments.

  11. What a great trip!! And the top is great - you should definitely wear it! :-)


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