Sunday, August 4, 2019

Yopping Update #5 - Queue reorganization

I forgot to report on an important task I accomplished last week.  I went through my queue on Ravelry and.....drum roll please.....organized it into sets!!!

I had upwards of 130 things I want to knit/crochet in my queue and while I was picking out all the advent things I wanted to knit I realized at the same time I could put all the sock patterns together, all the shawl patterns, all the baby knits, etc.   While doing this I also weeded out those patterns that grabbed my attention at one time, but which I am no longer keen to make.  (There was only about 3 of these!)

So as I work first through my advent knits, I am s l o w l y reducing my queue and when I do decide it is time to knit a pair of socks again, or a shawl, or a toy for the grand-daughter it will be much easier to find them.

This week I have continued to work on the advent calendar.  After I finished number 6 I decided to frog the number 3 because it was too big, and after number 7, I re-knit 3 with a more appropriate size yarn.  Much better. Here is my progress now - 1/2 way there!

However, knitting these little mitts are like eating potato chips - you can't just knit one.  One a day would probably be ok with my arm, but I am over-doing it so they will go into time out for the foreseeable future.  I promised both my hubby and our best man last night to give knitting a complete rest - and who could say no to these two guys:

free photo booth at Bard event complete with dress-up hats.

I also figured out the crochet tee pattern and have almost completed the first square.  I am sure it will not be something I will wear, but I will  find a recipient who would rock the look.  Otis photo-bombed my progress:

Last night we celebrated our 42nd wedding anniversary by attending a wonderful event put on at Bard on the Beach.  Every summer red and white tents go up at Kitsilano Point and they put on four different Shakespeare plays from June through until September.  On the nights that coincide with the Festival of Lights (fireworks displays by three different countries) the Bard hosts a salmon BBQ along with one of their plays and then the theatre goers have awesome front row seats to the fireworks.

Besides falling only a few days after our anniversary, it turns out that last night it was team Croatia that put on the display.  Since that is now my daughter's home we HAD to go and represent Croatia with our beach towels that display the Croatian flag and map! 

We took along our best man too (he is the one in the above pic with the 'stylish' dressup glasses!).  We saw Taming of the Shrew (done in a western theme) and that was exciting also because when I taught grade 8 in 2004 that was the play my class put on for the school and their parents. One of my students (the one who played Petrucchio) did the sound for the production last night.  He was my student for five years and it was exciting to see his name in the program.

The weather has been great this past week - good enough for another ex-student (now friend) to come and help rake up the yard and start to set things to right.  With my arm raking and mowing and sweeping are out of the question. 

We had company staying with us early in the week.  A dear friend is in the hospital and they live far away so his wife stayed with us for two nights while he received the treatment he needed.  We had a nice long visit with him on Tuesday and our prayers and love went with them both as they headed home on Wednesday.  Excuse my language here but....Cancer is a Bitch.  F&ck Cancer.

Thank you to my insurance company my car is now fixed and although I had to pay the deductible, insurance covered the rest without any hassle. 

Otherwise I did go for a massage on Tuesday for my hip and back and it helped a bit and she gave me some exercises to-do.  I have to get serious about doing ALL these exercises I have now so I can get back into the pool for some real swimming.  I miss it so terribly. 

My dear nephew posted this page on facebook yesterday and it so resonated with me.  I will share it here as a reminder to us all:

Blessings to all of you dear readers wherever you are and whatever journey you are traveling.  Life is not for the faint of heart - but we are brave when we are kind to one another.


  1. Congrats on the organization of.your Ravelry que. That will make things so much easier for you. The advent mitts are adorable. Just perfect.l to stick a sweet treat in. Your week was packed with activities and Bard on the Beach sounds fabulous. Another congrats on 42 years of marriage.

  2. I did some electronic spring cleaning once and it felt so good! Fun photo booth pictures.

  3. Your advent mitts continue to make me smile. Those are wonderful. Curious, I googled your Festival of Lights, and now I am slightly embarrassed to say I didn't realize you are in Vancouver!!! I had you on the east coast of Canada - but right there in your Ravelry profile, it's clear as day where you are. I now have to completely reorient myself to you when I write. lol Congratulations of 42 years of marriage. It sounds (and looks) like you had a fabulous celebration. :)

    1. yup, Vancouver girl born and bred, so is my hubby. That makes us quite the anomaly around here.

  4. Congrats on 42 years! Your mitts are adorable for you Advent Calendar and it's great you've got them half-way done. (Plenty of time to take a rest from them and still get them done for December.) And thanks for the Small Kindnesses quote. I needed that today.

  5. how lovely that your Shakespearian experience involved your second home country Croatia and other people that you know. I love the sense of community that comes from events like these.
    Your shared text (Small kindnesses) is another guide to community. Those fleeting interactions, when encountered regularly between the same people, become acquaintances and then friendships. It all starts by respecting humanity, doesn't it?

  6. Good for you with organizing your queue. I need to do that! The advent mittens are darling but please take care of your arm so you can "live to knit another day"! What a wonderful way to celebrate your 42nd anniversary. Congratulations! The crochet is looking good and the quote is so true and timely after the horrid events of the past weekend here in the U.S. Take care of yourself and I hope you can get back in the pool soon.

  7. What fun your anniversary celebrations look to have been and how lovely to have that link with your daughter’s home. I’m glad you’ve promised to give knitting a rest, I worry about your arm and am quite happy reading about whatever else you’ve got up to instead. Congratulations on 42 years and thanks for sharing that quote.

  8. Congratulations on your 42 years and sounds like you had a great time celebrating. I know it must be hard giving the knitting a rest and doing the exercises but I'm sure it will be worth it in the end. You have plenty of time to get those cute advent knits finished.

  9. Congratulations on your anniversary, you look like you had a lovely celebration. Well done on organising your queue, mine isn't too bad, but I only just started using it! I love your mitts they are gorgeous.

  10. Congrats on your anniversary! <3 I find that young people my kids' ages find it so incredible when they hear how long we have been married--almost 37 years... I think they also find it inspirational.
    Your advent mittens are adorable and look how many you have! I have not even thought about Christmas knitting yet-- you make me think I need to get moving.

    Have a great week and take care of your arm and do your exercises!


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