Sunday, August 25, 2019

Yopping Update #8 - Spinning around

I finally got the spinning wheel out from behind the piano and gave her a whirl.  First I finished London Town which I had started in March and then put away because the drafting was aggravating my arm.  23 gms , 40 meters- 2 ply

Then I work with some unknown fibre for another 17 gms and 33 meters.  I chained plied this one.

Just for fun I took the two remaining balls of lopi pencil roving left over from the slippers I knit and felted earlier this year. I plied them together to make a single.  24 gms and 39 meters

I felt good enough to start a baby blanket with some leftover stash I had.  I wasn't sure about how the colours I had would work together but I am pleased with the result.

It is a slip stitch knit pattern from 60 Quick Baby Knits.

I know that my goal for Year of Projects Nine was not to buy any more yarn.  HAHA!

First I decided to buy the yarn I needed to make a toy sloth.  I HAD to buy some Sirdar snuggly because I didn't have any textured yarn to simulate the sloth's fur. I bought two balls for two sloths, but then of course I needed some matching colours to make the toes and face.  150 gms - 29 bucks.

Then on Friday my husband (yes I am blaming him) wanted to get something at WalMart and I didn't want to sit in the car.  Lo and behold I discovered a bin of remaindered yarn..  Great prices between $1 and $3.60 per ball.   I bought some white for a baby sweater, some coloured self striping to make two more monkeys, some scrubby cotton to make, well, scrubbies, and some gorgeous varigated yarn to make, probably, a shawl of some sort.  Come on - how could I pass up 700 gms of yarn for $22.00?
four balls in front will become two sloths - stay tuned.
I then tackled a larger piece of fibre - some indigo dyed BFL (blue-faced leichester).  I have not quite finished the second bobbin and then I will 2 ply  it. 47 gms.

My husband snuck up on me and took this picture while I spun on the sunny deck.

this is my 'what the heck are you doing' face
almost finished

I got to the pool 5 times this week, and had a good croatian lesson on Friday.  I found some croatian novels written for beginning students and my teacher and I worked through five chapters of the first one.  I felt quite good that I could understand most of it! Onward.

Speaking of Croatia.....look at what my unuka (grand-daughter) is up to already!

She is determined to walk before 9 months I think

So add to the week a twenty-fifth wedding anniversary party, a couple of doctor visits and my two support meetings and I can say it was a full week. I am pretty sure today will be spent relaxing and reading my new purchase - I went to Michaels to source more yarn for my baby blanket, but nothing matched what I needed - and then this jumped into my empty arms and followed me home:

It has all sorts of cools things inside - mini journals, post-it notes, stickers, posters, colouring pages, collage ideas.  I hope these activities bring my anxiety down a couple of notches.

I am starting to get feedback from the first readers of my novel.  Three to date and another meeting tomorrow.  It is nerve-wracking, but the comments so far have been very helpful and supportive.  Who knows?  This novel may be published yet!

Summer seems to be coming to a close - the weather is rainy and cooler and we were SOOOOO tempted to put on the furnace a couple of nights ago.  I REFUSED because it is still AUGUST, but there were extra blankets and a hot water bottle that kept the chill away. 

The weather report is calling for sun and heat this coming week.  We shall see - I am not holding my breath (Unless I am in the pool, and then I am holding my breath!)

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  1. YAY! I'm glad you've gotten so much done with fiber. I hope spinning is gentler on your pain areas. Can't wait to see the sloth.

  2. Look at you go! I take it your arm is feeling better? I can't wait to see the sloths! You got a good deal on all that yarn for sure! Love the picture of you spinning. Your grand daughter is amazing at 9 months! So cute she is. Enjoy your book!

    1. she is only 8 months - but I suspect she will be walking by 9 months. No flies on her!

  3. You sure did fall into a super yarn deal! Those remainder skeins needed a loving home. So glad you provided it. Does spinning hurt your shoulder? You had a busy week. Your grand is so precious.

  4. Ooh another 2 monkeys to look out for in a future post, that’s exciting. Lovely spinning projects this week, there’s a lovely sheen on some of the yarn, perhaps your unknown fibre is also BFL, that I like for its sheen. Well I think you are right, your granddaughter looks ready to let go and start walking. It’s great the feedback you’ve received on your novel has been useful. Best of luck with the next stages.

  5. That yarn haul looks great, lovely picture of you spinning, best of luck with your novel.

  6. Wow, such an early walker!

    Lovely spinning. I gave that a try but it didn't really stick! But I love the outcome of your work.

  7. Yay for yarn hauls! 🧶 🧶 🧶 I'm really looking forward to seeing the sloths, they sound super cute. Love your spinning (cute pic, good job hubby) and thanks for warning me to stay way from WalMart. LOL!


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