Sunday, October 20, 2019

Yopping Update #16 - A surprise finish

Look what is finally finished:

And for a brief moment I had NOTHING on my needles.

Well technically I had the beginning of the sloth on my needles, but I couldn't figure out where I was so I frogged it.  Also I don't like the feel of the Sidar Snuggly so I am going to start the sloth again with a nicer feeling wool.  It won't be fuzzy, but it will be nicer to the touch (and to knit with). I will donate the Snuggle to the free store on the little island when next I visit.

Nature abhors a vacuum so my needles weren't empty for long.  I started a cable hat to match my fisherwoman's sweater.   It is a slouchy cable toque from the TapRoot magazine.  It is called Wild Mustard.

We had beautiful weather for Sunday and Monday and enjoyed our Thanksgiving dinner of steaks cooked over the campfire.

Tuesday the rain started to fall in earnest - I think 4 cm fell in 24 hours!   So on Wednesday we decided to head home.

Thursday was my 64th birthday.  My daughter sent me an audio clip of her singing the Beatles' song "When I'm 64...." which was a lovely way to start the celebrating.

I headed to the pool in the afternoon and I swam my age in pool lengths.  Yup.  64 lengths. (Maybe it was 66 as I lost count and wanted to make sure I did the requisite 64).   It wasn't all front crawl, and it wasn't as fast as I have been known to swim that distance but I did it in one hour and eight minutes, and I have had no complaints from my arm either!  My son and husband took me out for Thai food after my swim and it was delicious.

I have been known to stretch my birthday out for days, and on Friday my son made me a roast chicken dinner and then last night he made a gluten free pumpkin pie.  I am happily being spoiled at this start of my 65th year.

Friday was also my Tai Chi class and I am certain it is not the cause of my hip problem as some of my readers suggested last week.  I am not sure what is up with it, but I have an appointment on Wednesday with a new massage physio specialist so I am hopeful.

It has been very rainy for the past week, but the leaves are beautiful in their fall colours none-the-less.  We also discovered some interesting sea plants while on the Pacific West Coast.

My husband took this picture of my son and I  'hard at work' at the beach on Monday.

Like mother, like son
Perhaps next week I will have more knitting to show, but I am scheduled to do some evaluations and mentoring at my school so we shall see what I will get accomplished.

On the grand-daughter front - she took her first steps a couple of days ago - and she is only 9 1/2 months old.   A smart one she is!

making the face my son (her uncle)  taught her
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Blessings to you all this coming week. Hopefully the sun will make an appearance one day soon.


  1. The shawl is striking. Love the colors in it. You hat pattern is pretty and will look great with the sweater. You bday sounds great. Enjoy your 65th year.

  2. The shawl is beautiful and I know your needles are never empty for long! Belated birthday wishes. Sounds like you have had a good week but shame about the rain driving you home. Wow walking already. One of my grandsons is 17 months and still prefers to shuffle on his bum! (He can pull himself up and stands unaided so he'll get there eventually - he's just a bit lazy - especially when he knows if he points at something and yells he usually gets it lol)

  3. Looks a bit like the trees we saw washed up on the beach in the Olympic National Park that we sat on when we toured the PNW. The shawl looks lovely and of course your granddaughter is cuter every photo.

  4. I love that shawl! So glad you got something on the needles again. Happy Birthday!!! What a great accomplishment and then to do 64 lengths in the pool! Amazing! Love the picture of you and your son on the beach. Here's hoping you have a wonderful 65th year and the the arm and hip are nary a concern. Hugs ~Sam

  5. Don't know if I wished you pre-birthday wishes, so I will wish you Belated Happy Birthday greetings, Mary Anne. I'm so impressed that you can do 64 laps! The shawl is beautiful. It looks like it will make a wonderful shawl OR scarf. A versatile piece! Love the picture of you and your son workin' hard. That's a keeper. :)


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