Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Kissing Bug

It is Christmas Eve and the tree went up around lunch time, lights went on around dinner time and we are slowly decorating the tree and the house.

I love opening the christmas boxes and discovering ornaments and decorations that remind me of years gone by.

The kissing bug hangs in our house in the doorway between the living room and kitchen. She (I think it is a she) was made the Christmas I was eighteen. I was having a New Year's Eve party and as a party favour I made a dozen kissing bugs.

You can see they weren't fancy, but mine has survived forty-one years with the same clump of mistletoe (plastic mistletoe) tucked into its belly.

The party was a disaster. Too much alcohol, and I think every couple who came to the party had a squabble of one kind or another. The fellow I was dating was a shift worker and I think he fell asleep before midnight!

So the party was not a success. But kissing bug has witnessed many, many successful parties since that first one.

She is a keeper.


  1. What a cute ;little bug! I am sure she has seen many a good party since the disastrous one she was made for. Lovely post.

  2. We don't have the mistletoe tradition down here in the Southern Hemisphere coz we don't have mistletoe... But i love the idea of an annual happy bug to hang around with the daddy-long legs who make their way in... Lovely.


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